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May 9, 2018

TransSport Show 2018 Slated on May 17-20, 2018

Tradeshow International, Inc., in cooperation with Shell Helix Ultra and GMA Network presents the 27th TransSportShow. The most recognized and enduring car show in the country, the 4-day motoring event will be held at the SMX Convention Center, Mall of Asia Complex from May 17-20, 2018.

The event promises a showcase of over 100 project vehicles specially prepped (restored and/or customized) to compete in the much-awaited TranSportShow Cup Competition.

“For 26 years now, TransSportShow  has always been and continues to be in the forefront of automotive restoration and car show competitions. Having produced hundreds of show car winners in its 26 years run , TransSportShow has helped hundreds of car shops and individuals flourish in this field - several of whom have become ‘Influencers’ when it comes to auto restoration.”, Sophie delos Santos, TSI President said. She added that while cars shows of various types and sizes are held all over the country , she is proud to say that TransSportShow is still the only car show where 85 percent of what is on the show floor are beautifully restored and/or customized show cars vying for a prestigious competition. It is the car enthusiasts’ venue of choice for creative self-expression.

From its inception in 1992 as a general automotive show, TranSportSHow has evolved into a successful iconic brand, transcending its category as just a car show to becoming part of the Filipino car enthusiast’ culture. It is the only car show which spans generations of car enthusiasts where they create their interesting “TransSportShow stories” to share with fellow car lovers.

This year, expect the likes of Alex Car Restoration, Alfred Motorworks, Import Hook Up, and last’s first time entrant and winner Vonetix Radical Creations to vie for the top prize. The latter will display last year’s Best of Show and poster car: a 1995 Toyota Corolla for the benefit of those who missed it last year.

In addition to the TranSportShow, Moto Builds Pilipinas, a motorbike show and Bike Build Off organized by Makina will be held simultaneously with TransSportShow  during the weekend from May 19-20.

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  1. Having produced hundreds of show car winners in its 26 years run


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