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May 7, 2018

GAZ Reveals Pricing, Specs of Line-Up (w/ Brochure)

GAZ, Russia’s leading manufacturer of commercial vehicles is in the country through two partners: Gazelle Motors Corporation, the distributor of GAZ’s light commercial vehicles and ConEquip Philippines, Inc., the distributor of Ural.

“These units affirm GAZ Group’s commitment and interest to the Philippine market by initially introducing these vehicles out of its numerous line through Gazelle Motors,” Dr. Fernando L. Martinez, Gazelle Motors Chairman and Chief Executive, said.

He added, “These units demonstrate the versatility and flexibility of the vehicles produced by GAZ Group, as these vehicles could be configured to meet the different fleet requirements of local companies and industries as well as the comfortable and luxurious design preferences of individual customers.”

To recap, GAZ’s Philippine line-up consists of:

First, the GAZelle NEXT, which is the brand’s line of light commercial vehicles. Equipped with a Cummins ISF 2.8-liter diesel engine with 150 horsepower and 330 Nm of torque, they’re available in various body configurations such as cab & chassis (standard), NEXT minibus (17-seater), NEXT Citiline (19-seater).

Next, is the GAZon NEXT which is their new-generation medium-duty truck. With a load capacity of 5 tons (gross vehicle weight is 8.7 tons), the GAZon NEXT is powered by a YMZ-536 engine with 150 horsepower mated to a 5-speed manual gearbox.

Third is the Sadko, a unique medium-duty truck that offers off-road qualities. Extremely popular with the armed forces of many countries, the Sadko can be equipped for a wide range of applications.

Fourth is the Ural NEXT which is a medium-duty truck that offers 6x6 drive. The frame is made of 10-mm thick steel alloy and is available in a shuttle bus or dump truck body configuration. With a two-speed transfer case and spur locking differential, it’s a tough go-anywhere, do-anything commercial vehicle also powered by the 150-horsepower YMZ-536 engine.

Now, the question is, how much do these Russian trucks cost? Well, we finally have the answer:

  • GAZelle NEXT Cab & Chassis – P 1,435,000
  • GAZelle NEXT Van Cargo – P 2,250,000
  • GAZelle NEXT Van Standard – P 2,670,000
  • GAZelle NEXT Premium Class (14-Seater) – P 2,745,000
  • GAZelle NEXT Premium Class (17-Seater) – P 2,800,000
  • GAZelle NEXT Executive Class – P 3,750,000
  • GAZelle NEXT Citiline LPG – P 2,218,000
  • GAZelle NEXT Citiline Diesel – P 2,380,000
  • GAZon NEXT Cab & Chassis (GVW 5T) – P 1,995,000
  • GAZon NEXT Cab & Chassis (GVW 10T) – P 2,495,000
  • Sadko SK3308 Cab & Chassis – P 2,240,000
  • Sadko SK3308 Cab & Platform – P 2,500,000

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