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June 28, 2018

5 Features of the Ford Everest That'll Get You Through This Rainy Season

The rainy season has officially kicked off and the all too familiar heavy downpour, road blockages, and flash floods are here once again. This certainly makes driving a bit nerve-wracking. But no need to fret as Ford can make your driving experience worry-free with the Ford Everest.

Among the top performing and power-packed mid-size SUVs in the market today, the Ford Everest is powered by best-in-class features designed for an effortlessly safe and easy drive, rain or shine.

Here are 5 features in the Ford Everest that will get you through this rainy season.

#1. 800-mm Water Wading Capability

The Ford Everest boasts of one of the highest water wading capability in its class. At 800 millimeters, it helps you cruise through floods or any form of high water without breaking a sweat. And it’s not just about going through water too as Ford maintains that this class-leading water capability does not compromise any of the Everest’s steering or suspension system. This is definitely your ticket to a safe and worry-free drive amid the metro floods.

#2. Smooth Suspension 

As the only one in its class to offer a rear Watt’s Linkage Suspension system, the Everest ensures optimal performance with its improved stability, especially when going through potholes and bumps that could be submerged in floods. Unlike the suspension systems found in other vehicles, this suspension system prevents unwanted sideways movement (body roll) and keeps the car much more stable on any surface or terrain.

#3. Active Noise Cancellation 

Inspired by noise cancelling earphones, the Ford Everest is equipped with an Active Noise Cancellation to give drivers and passengers the most comfortable cabin experience. This system has three sensitive microphones to detect and measure engine noise, then cancels it using opposing sound waves. Coupled with other interior features such as specially designed acoustic glass in the windshield, and hydraulic engine mounts that help reduce engine vibrations, this SUV delivers a quiet and relaxing joyride regardless of external conditions like heavy traffic common during the rainy season.

#4. BLIS and Cross-Traffic Alert 

Low levels of visibility are common results of heavy downpour during the rainy season. To ensure accuracy and safety, the Everest utilizes its Blind Spot Information System (BLIS) to serve as your second set of eyes with indicator lights in your side mirrors for hazardous instances such as shifting lanes in fast moving roads. Using the same system, the Everest also has Cross-Traffic Alert. With this, it looks out for you as you back up out of a parking space, alerting you of potential hazards including pedestrians.

#5. Rear View Camera

The rainy season can help lessen visibility of surroundings around you. The Ford Everest boasts of the rear view camera that gives drivers a full and clear vision of what’s behind them on screen. It also has rear parking sensors, making drivers more alert when it comes to obstacles around, which can include other cars or even people walking by. The top-trim Titanium Premium model adds further convenience with its Active Park Assist.

With these 5 smart and safe features, the Ford Everest ensures drivers and passengers of a hassle-free driving experience during this season of strong rains and floods.

Ford is also offering the Everest for as low as P 68,000 all-in downpayment. Buyers also have the option of getting it at a P 110,000 cash discount.


  1. 5 Virtues of Ford That'll Entice You Not To Buy
    #1 Hawkish Sales Agents
    #2 Uncompetitive Pricing
    #3 Incompetent Service Advisors
    #4 Had to find and expensive Spare Parts
    #5 Low Resale Value

    1. Applies to all car dealers. Better walk then

    2. READ: "Virtues of FORD"
      Its their cars in general not just the Everest... we own a ford and know lots of other owners too, and those were mostly the sentiment... very sorry to burst your bubble Mr. Ford Salesman!

    3. # 2 and #5 doesn't apply to the Everest.

      It's feature packed for its price, plus Ford gives out generous discount for the Everest.

      The Everest also has a pretty good resale value. Not as high as the Fortuner but still pretty decent.

    4. if as you say #2 is not true coz they give discounts and the features are great, how come the everest doesn't even take the #2 overall in sales volume?????

    5. 1. Because the general public is aware of the poor after sales of Ford.
      2. The general public generalizes all Fords as Lemons but in reality, the Everest isn't a Lemon unlike the Fiesta, Ecosport and Focus DCT's.
      3. The Montero has a significantly better discounts than the Everest. There was a time that Mitsubishi gave out 200k discounts last 2016 that fueled the Montero's rise from its downfall due to the SUA controversy. Fastforward 2018, the Montero was able to sustain its momentum.

  2. true, for some reason (good product maybe) the #5 statement is false, everest has a high resale value.. :)

    1. are you saying that because you want to psychologize people that it has good resale so you can have high return on your everest which you are already selling after just one yr?????

  3. resale value for this is lower than its competitors


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