Friday, June 1, 2018

BAIC Makes a Fake Lamborghini Urus

One Chinese carmaker wasted no time in copying the Lamborghini Urus ultra-luxury SUV. BAIC’s Huansu division just came with the Hyosow C60—an SUV that seats five or seven (the Urus seats four) and costs just a tenth of the Urus.

The general shape of the Hyosow C60 copies the Urus pretty much, particularly its silhouette, coupe-like roofline, and angular taillights. That said, this Chinese copy manages to be a bad facsimile, relying instead on simpler elements such as those found on the headlights and grille.

The Hyosow C60 will feature a 2.0-liter turbocharged 4-cylinder engine putting out 195 horsepower and should cost anywhere between USD 15,000 (~P 788,100) to USD 24,000 (~P 1,296,960) depending on its equipment level.


  1. Or they just bought Lamborghini the car maker? Wouldn't be surprised there. Still CCC - Cheap Chinese Crap.

  2. chinese bullies!!!

    do that to their product and they will eat you alive!!!

  3. The Chinese really have no shame.