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June 4, 2018

Isuzu Philippines Beefs Up Genuine Accessories Catalog for mu-X and D-Max

Attention: mu-X and D-Max owners, Isuzu Philippines Corporation is now making it a lot easier for you to add style, protection, and elegance to your vehicles with their expanded line-up of Isuzu Genuine Accessories.

Available at all authorized Isuzu dealerships nationwide, all Isuzu Genuine Accessories are made from the highest-quality material designed, tested, and approved by Japanese experts to perfectly fit the D-Max and mu-X. They comply with Isuzu’s own safety and reliability standards and carry a 1-year warranty as well.

The long-list of available Genuine Accessories include:

Bull bar (mu-X) – In aluminum alloy and steel, the bull bar enhances the tough look of the mu-X.

Tonneau Cover and Organizer Box (mu-X) – The tonneau cover ensures all items stored at the rear portion of the vehicle are kept away from prying eyes. Meanwhile, the organizer box is designed to create a full-flat loading floor with the third-row seat folded. It also adds a second layer to the cargo area perfect for small items like Early Warning Devices (EWD) and tools.

Illuminated Rocker Plate (mu-X) – Ensures the visibility of the steps for passengers going in or out of the vehicle.

Door handle trim, over fender, and fog ring chrome (mu-X) – The simple yet stylish door handle trim protects the door handle from scratches and comes in a set for all four doors. Meanwhile, the over fender protects the fender from dents and scratches caused by stones and other loose objects hitting the area while the vehicle is in motion. The sophisticated and stylish fog ring chrome adds life to the vehicle’s fascia.

Side bar (D-Max) – The side bar, which comes in either silver or black, is designed to protect the rocker panel in case of unforeseen collisions with road obstructions, and also comes with functional non-slip steps for passengers’ safety during ingress and egress. It’s tested to withstand heavy loads and is rust resistant.

Nudge bar (D-Max) – The nudge bar is a simple yet strong shield for the bumper and grille designed to absorb the impact of minor frontal collisions while still maintaining a light-weight construction compared to steel-plated bull bars. Coming in silver and black, they are fully compatible with the airbag system.

Sports bar (D-Max) – The sporty and tough-looking sports bar, which is compatible with the under rail bed liner, comes with an installation kit so you don’t need to punch holes or weld it onto the body. It’s available in matte black and chrome.

Roof rail, head lamp garnish, and skirt set (D-Max) – The sporty and tough roof rail can carry up to 400 kilograms and can be used for accessories such as carriers. It comes in silver, dark grey and black and no drilling is needed in its installation. The headlamp garnish adds to the clean look of the D-Max while the side skirt adds a dose of urban style.

The Isuzu Genuine Accessories can be fitted before you drive off in your brand-new D-Max or mu-X or can be retrofitted to older ones. Either way, they definitely update the look, functionality, and safety of your Isuzu.

Check out your nearest Isuzu dealership for more details.


  1. Bull bar looks like it came from an optical shop.

  2. ask ko sana , approved ba na maglagay ng bull bar para sa SUV natin or kailangan pa mag apply ng permit ?

    1. Yung mga jeepney nga daming abubot walang permit..... pati welding ng body sablay nakakasugat di naman ini inspeksyon ng LTO

    2. Ako dati umandar wala pang 10 meters from starting the car hinuli ako bigla dahil no seatbelt. Tapos sa tabi namin may jeepney walang seatbelt, di man lang pinansin ng apprehending officer.

    3. Mga bro hind magandang dahilan yan porket may nakita kang nakalusot dapat ikaw din palusutin, dapat law abiding tayo na in principle, changes start from ourself ika nga. anyway natanong ko lang kasi may nagsabi sakin na pag nabanga ka mas less favorable ka daw sa police imbestigation kapag naka bull bar ka. Dont know if its true kaya naisip ko baka kailangan ng permit yan.

    4. Hindi na kailangan Sir. Naglagay den ako bullbar, hindi naman ako sinisita ng mga MMDA.

  3. Good Day,
    Hindi na kailangan permit sa bull bar. Ang bawal yung mga fog lights na sobra liwanag.

  4. Bull bars are banned in Europe since 2002 because they increase the injuries caused to pedestrians involved in road accidents

    Bull-bars make crumple zones ineffective.
    Car makers invest millions to make vehicles safer. Crumple zones, which are built into the front end of the car, include components such as bumpers, grilles, radiators, bonnet and other structural parts. When a bull-bar is fitted to a car, it can make the crumple zones ineffective during a crash, transmitting force to the occupants of the car, causing serious injuries, or even death.

    Bull-bars may interfere with airbags from opening during accidents.
    Bull-bars can also interfere with the working of airbag sensors by upsetting the careful calculations that govern their working. This can cause airbags to deploy at the wrong time during a crash, or even not deploy at all. Both scenarios can be very dangerous to occupants of the vehicle. This is a major reason why many automakers and insurance companies don’t approve bull-bars as accessories.

    Bull-bars are dangerous for pedestrians, cyclists and two wheeler riders.
    Cars aren’t the only vehicles using roads. Pedestrians, cyclists and two wheeler riders also share space on roads, and governments around the world are legislating to make cars more friendly for other road users. This involves bumpers and bonnets that crumple on impact with even pedestrians. Why, Volvo even has a pedestrian airbag on its cars. Bull-bars during a crash, hurt pedestrians, cyclists and two wheeler riders, and even cause death in certain cases.

    Bull-bars damage chassis of a car during big accidents.
    During a big accident, bull-bars not only impact the efficacy of airbags and crumple zones, but also can cause severe damage to both the vehicles’ chassis’. This causes major damage to the other vehicle involved in the accident as well, also transmitting more force to the occupants of the other vehicle.

  6. do you make front nudge bar for mux bluepower?


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