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June 11, 2018

Ford Philippines Offers Free 2-Year Service on All EcoSport Models Purchased This June

Ford Philippines is offering a wide array of great deals for the EcoSport, Everest, and Ranger.

New Ford owners can avail of the all-in low downpayment, low-monthly fees, cash discounts, or free service for select Ford EcoSport, Everest, and Ranger vehicles.

Leading the pack of great deals available this month is a free 2-year worry-free service for all customers purchasing any EcoSport variant. Customers who will purchase an EcoSport Ambiente MT can take advantage of the P 48,000 all-in low downpayment, or low monthly fee of P 8,268, or P 35,000 cash discount.

Customers can also get a better deal for a Ford Everest this month. The Ford Everest 2.2 Trend 4x2 AT is now available at an all-in low downpayment of P 68,000, or P 16,758 low monthly fee, or P 110,000 cash discount.

Those getting the Ranger 2.2 XLT 4x2 MT can avail of the P 68,000 all-in low downpayment, or P 11,118 low monthly fee, or P 50,000 cash discount.

“We continue our nationwide retail promo this month to allow more customers to have their own Ford vehicles in the easiest, most affordable, and most convenient of terms. Customers can choose from our wide array of ‘seize the deal’ offerings –all-in low downpayment, low monthly fees, or cash discounts. Sweetening the deal is our offering of a free 2-year service for customers purchasing an EcoSport of any variant, giving them more savings in car maintenance expenses,” said Rodel Gallega, vice president for marketing and sales, Ford Philippines.

All all-in packages include free 3-year LTO registration, 1-year comprehensive insurance, and chattel mortgage fees.


  1. ^Desperate times calls for desperate measures... they really want to get rid off those powershits... and not only that, they want to victimize new customers with their "world-class dis-service"... as they say, if its from ford and its free it should be lousy... lousier than what they currently offer... good luck to the new owners!

    1. the lousy service you are saying might only be happening there because in europe there are not much complaint. maybe it is just the franchisees in philippines giving bad reputation.

  2. Spent 80k on the Powershift Transmission after their TCM reset did not work. After 2 months same shudder went back again and they blamed changing the batteries.

  3. Ford DCT transmission is really problematic, gives headache for the owner. It is time to raise a complaint at DTI.


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