Wednesday, June 20, 2018

LTO Says Your Plates Have Begun Shipping, But You Better Wait Some More

Are you used to your Conduction Sticker Number? Well, you better get un-used to it as the Land Transportation Office (LTO) announced that the first batch of locally manufactured motor vehicle (MV) plates have begun shipping.

LTO Assistant Secretary Edgar Galvante said that plates for vehicles registered from July 1 to October 31, 2016 are now on their way to LTO Regional Offices, by batches, for distribution to District Offices which will then release the plates to vehicle owners.

“The LTO will release the available vehicle plates simultaneously nationwide by first week of July,” Galvante said.

Galvante added that guidelines for distribution will be given by the LTO Central Office.

“The LTO will notify the vehicle owners on the dates they may claim their plates. We ask our clients to wait for their notification so they do not waste their time going to the LTO Office only to be disappointed,” Galvante emphasized.

“We are continuously finding ways to enhance the plate production capacity,” he added.

The LTO said that as of June 18, 2018, a total of 387,000 MV plates have been produced—or 5,528 plates per day since the start of production last April 9. That’s a paltry 16 percent of the supposedly full-capacity production rate of 34,000 for the LTO’s fancy new plate-making machines. If the LTO does not ramp up production, expect the backlog to disappear by: June 23, 2021. Nice job.

For two-wheeled owners though, the wait is going to be much longer. Galvante said that because there’s a pending bill at Congress to change its size, motorcycle plate production hasn’t started yet.

“We will produce the motorcycle plates as soon as Congress gives the go signal. Motorcycle owners are free to use their motorcycles as long as these are registered, with their respective plates/MV File Numbers displayed,” Galvante assured.


  1. LTO offices directly to owners na? Hindi na through your car dealer?

    1. Apparently. That statement is from the LTO. Although I would like to think, when they say “owner” they mean “car dealer.” It’s like LTO doesn’t know how things work in the real world.

    2. Oo nga e. Registration details iirc contain only the address, so not sure how they'll contact owners other than snail mail or actually sending a messenger there.

      Or maybe they'll be that generous and deliver the plates to your doorstep? Nah.

      (Good luck to second hand / repo owners who haven't sorted out the registration yet)

    3. Agreed. The second owner will have a hard time getting those plates. This is assuming they haven’t transferred the registration to another LTO district too. If they did I think it’ll just get lost in the bureaucracy

  2. My dad just bought a Challenger last week and of course he's considering a vanity plate for it. I assume despite paying a huge some for your personalized license plate (between 15k to 25k if I remember it right), you'd still have to wait long? Damn.

    1. They suspended the issuance of vanity plates for now until they can resolve the backlog. I don’t recall them lifting the suspension

    2. Oh ok... does that mean we have no choice but to receive the random plate that the LTO will issue to us? Might as well stick with the conduction plate if that's the case, lol.

    3. For now? Yup. That's what the LTO said until they can clear the backlog.

    4. Thanks Mr. Ang, much appreciated for your replies.

      I was wondering if it's an option for us to hold on to our conduction plates until the suspension on availing a vanity plate is lifted... because we really wanted our Challenger SRT to have a personalized plate and not just some random letters and numbers from the LTO.

      Thanks again. =)


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