Friday, June 8, 2018

The Drift Xaust Speed Booster Can Unlock Your Car's Full Potential

There’s a hope for us normally-aspirated folks, after all. Dismissed by those who went full-on turbo, normally-aspirated engines tend to be a harder nut to crack when it comes to extracting performance. And in the case of Subarus, the case is worse still. Apart from the usual intake, headers, and exhaust, there’s not much you can do to liven its performance, until now.

“We’ve always strived for improvement,” says GM Bugayong, owner of Drift Xaust. “We started in 2013 making customized exhaust vehicles for almost every make and model. Now, we’re introducing something new designed to complement or introduce car owners to the world of performance tuning.”

That “something new” is the plug-and-play Drift Xaust Speed Booster. Made in Japan and pioneered in Australia, it’s the country’s smoothest aftermarket throttle control module that changes the level of throttle performance based on pedal pressure.

The Drift Xaust Speed Booster takes advantage of a vehicle’s ‘fly-by-wire’ throttle technology. A feature introduced in most vehicles after 2000, fly-by-wire replaces the traditional “cable-type” connection that links the gas pedal to the throttle pedal with sensors that measure pedal pressure and position. These sensors then send signals to the vehicle’s engine computer that converts it to acceleration. Naturally, there’s noticeable delay resulting in slower engine response especially when going uphill or overtaking. With multiple built-in settings, Drift Xaust Speed Booster allows vehicle owners to tweak their car’s response to suit their driving style.

Installing the Drift Xaust Speed Booster takes just five minutes. Simply unplug the connector plugged into the accelerator pedal assembly, connect the Drift Xaust Speed Booster into the vehicle’s accelerator pedal assembly, and attach the small control module somewhere on the dash for easy access. That’s it. No splicing of wires, no disassembling (some vehicles may require the pedal to be removed from the firewall for easy access though), and no reprogramming. Take note though that the application is vehicle-specific though so it’s a great idea to reach out to Drift Xaust to see if they have one in stock for your particular make and model.

“We do not claim to add horsepower with the Drift Xaust Speed Booster, unlike other throttle controllers in the market,” corrects GM Bugayong. “It simply ensures that all the available horsepower is utilized effectively and efficiently. Because no matter how many horsepower you have, all of those are being controlled by one entrance only: the engine’s throttle body. Unfortunately, if the stock throttle body is slow to respond, it’s like having 100 actual horse but your gate only allows one horse to exit one at a time.”

Installing the Drift Xaust Speed Booster Speed Booster on my personal 2011 Subaru Forester was quick and easy. By the time GM finished his tour of Drift Xaust’s office and shop in Valleyfair Town Center along Ortigas Extension, Taytay, Rizal, the fitment was finished.

Going for GM’s suggested “Power 4” mode (there are three modes with 9 steps each with an additional Intelligent mode), we went up around the hilly areas around Antipolo and Taytay to test it out. Off the bat, there’s a marked improvement in response, removing the acceleration lag commonly associated with this particular-generation Forester’s archaic 4-speed automatic. On steeper uphill climbs though, the Forester was still hampered by its 150-horsepower output, but the gas pedal did require less prodding compared to stock. Plus, it complements any stock vehicle’s built-in sport mode by pouncing on the gearbox’s more aggressive shift pattern.

Even more impressive perhaps is the Drift Xaust Speed Booster’s “Eco” Mode which smoothen outs all abrupt throttle response. Perfect for heavy-footed drivers (like the family chauffer), it should equate to a 3 to 8 percent improvement in fuel economy. This is also good for off-roaders which require precise throttle engagement when traversing difficult terrain. It even has a “Lock” mode that keeps the car in idle no matter how hard the throttle is pressed. This is a great theft deterrent or safety device, especially if kids find themselves in the driver’s seat. Finally, the Drift Xaust Speed Booster also claims to alleviate any incidence of Sudden Intended Acceleration or SUA. It detects any suspicious behavior from the throttle body, like the engine receiving gas while the throttle is left untouched and can cut power for safety.

The Drift Xaust Speed Booster is designed to complement a wide array of vehicles, whether it’s stock or tuned. For sure, performance-oriented owners with their turbochargers and full exhaust systems will find this nifty gadget a worthwhile addition in order to extract every bit of performance. However, it also works well for vehicle owners who simply want to maximize the enjoyment of their cars whether it has 80, 150, or 300 horsepower under the hood. It’s not that expensive too: at P 12,500, it can be installed by Drift Xaust themselves or shipped to you for a quick DIY. It also carries a 2-year warranty.


  1. Snake oil obviously.

  2. You won't need this if your car has a sport mode.

    1. It can supplement a sport mode because it’s basically a throttle controller.

  3. Be careful in dealing with that guy, he made enemies within the Mustang and Subaru community mainly due to flaws in his exhaust system.

  4. not a new product! throttle controllers have been around for so long. there are other good brands in the market and way much cheaper than the price mentioned.

  5. I'm a skeptic when it comes to these aftermarket stuff. Car makers do extensive engineering and research and have some very deep pockets.

    The production cars available in the market are a result of the best balance that the cqr maker can conjure given the constraints, cost and technology for starters.

    Long story short - your car is already in its optimum performance the day you drove it off the dealer's lot. You risk messing up some other aspect in your attempts to make one stand out, because it's already balanced.

    Also, car makers are keen on bragging rights, advertising even the smallest advantage. If the tech in question offered better than placebo benefits, it would have been made standard.

    1. True. That's why I'm against chip tuning, mods and etc especially when its done to a daily driver. Stock form generally is the best if you want your car to have a long life.

    2. How about better headers, intake and better exhaust systems? Just waiting for my warranty to be finished before I upgrade those 3 parts.

    3. Unless you're going to race it, better stick with stock if you want longevity out of your car. But then again it's your car, you can do whatever the hell you want with it. Basta walang iyakan sa huli.

    4. It already is a balanced system. Each component was selected by the car maker, after extensive studies and number crunching, to complement the other parts.

      Consider buying a factory-built performance car at the onset next time, if you must unleash all them horses (and redline the engine).

      Until then, your risk.

  6. It works well with my Innova, the intelligent mode is cool. Love it.

  7. It works well, very useful, love it very much!


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