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April 2, 2020

The MG 6's Celebrating Its 10th Anniversary, So It's Throwing Some Shade at the Honda Civic

MG’s throwing some shade at the Honda Civic. You don’t believe me? Just stare at the header photo, and you’ll see the Civic being overtaken with dirt being kicked up its front bumper by the Chinese carmaker’s “Luxury Internet New Energy Coupe.” If the MG car in question looks familiar it should; we know it better as the MG 6.

It’s hard to fathom, but the MG 6 is celebrating its 10th year already; time flies when you’re overtaking fuccbois, we guess. But even curiouser is that the MG 6 here isn’t the “regular” 1.5 we get over here—it’s a 305-horsepower monster. Forget the Civic RS, it’s a Civic Type R killer all for just 158,800 RMB (~ P 1.161 million).

Okay, MG was supposed to unveil this hotted up version at the Auto Shanghai last year, but everyone (including those who went there with MG Philippines) forgot about it. So, consider it as a pleasant surprise that it’s managed to make it from concept to showroom reality almost unchanged.

Known officially as the MG 6 50T (as opposed to its original moniker, the eMG6 Trophy 305), this fastback pairs the turbocharged 1.5-liter 4-cylinder with SAIC’s Electric Drive Enit (EBU). Total output is, as mentioned, 305 horsepower while torque is 480 Nm. It’s connected to a 10-speed intelligent electric drive gearbox, and 100 km/h arrives in less than 6 seconds—putting it squarely in Civic Type R territory.

 However, unlike its Japanese rival, this is also a plug-in hybrid. With a 9.1-kWh lithium ion battery pack, it can travel on electric power alone for up to 51 kilometers, and top up its charge in just 3.5 hours. Fuel mileage? A stonking 66.6 km/L.

While it’s mechanically simple—it retains the same front MacPherson Strut and rear Torsion Beam setup, it does get an XDS system. If that sounds familiar, it should—it’s Volkswagen’s Electronic Differential Lock system, the same sort of thing you find in the Golf GTI. XDS improves the traction and handling of front-wheel drive models by using the stability control system to apply selective braking.

Aesthetically, it doesn’t look that different from the regular MG 6, but it does ditch the chrome for black out elements, down to the available 18-inch Halberd Sport wheels. Inside, it’s got full digital instrumentation, a 10.1-inch infotainment screen, an Arkamys sound system, and yes, even an intelligent climate control system that reaches the now-mythical N95 standard (eat your heart out, Geely).

While we seriously doubt that MG Philippines would bring in this hotted up MG 6, hopefully they throw us a bone, and bring in a couple of units as some sort of limited-edition anniversary model or something. Cross your fingers, boys.

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  1. Bring it on MG Phil. Let it loose what is really hidden inside that MG6. Show no mercy to the Honda's enthusiastic. lets get Rock to Rumble MG.


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