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May 12, 2021

Mitsubishi Confirms All-New Xpander Is Coming This Year And It Will Offer A Hybrid Variant

Mitsubishi Motors Corporation has revealed more details on its plans for FY2021 (April 1, 2021 to March 31, 2022) and beyond, including the confirmation that an all-new Xpander is arriving within their current fiscal year.

Due to the effects of the coronavirus pandemic, Mitsubishi’s global sales dropped by 29 percent (down 326,000 units), with ASEAN, its key market getting hit the hardest, dropping 35 percent or 189,000 units.

However, this year, they expect to bounce back, with projected global sales of 957,000 units or a 19 percent increase. Once again, ASEAN will be a key driver and is expected to deliver a 47 percent growth or up 88,000 units to 277,000.

To do so, Mitsubishi has confirmed to its investors that its Xpander is due for full model change within FY2021, while both the Mirage and Montero Sport will also benefit from minor changes.

Aside from that, the Japanese automaker is committed to offer an electrified version of all its models by 2030. This, as they set a target that all of its global sales will be electrified in one form or another, by that time.

Part of the plans include the introduction of the all-new Outlander PHEV by this year alongside the fully-electric Airtrek SUV co-developed with Mitsubishi’s Chinese partner, GAC.

For ASEAN—Mitsubishi’s biggest global market—they realize that full electrics are not the way to go.

One factor, they say, is the way the market uses vehicles. With average vehicle life in ASEAN reaching 200,000 kilometers, BEVs actually produce more CO2, when looked at from a full lifecycle assessment (mainly due to the way the region produces electricity). PHEVs, they found, produce the least amount when compared to BEVs and even traditional internal combustion engines and hybrids.

Furthermore, Mitsubishi says charging infrastructure is still in its infancy in ASEAN. By 2035, the carmaker projects that China will have 10 quick chargers per 10 square kilometers; Germany, 5; and Japan around 2; in ASEAN, they don’t expect that number to go up to even one.

Thus, to alleviate concerns about cruising range, Mitsubishi says that PHEVs are the way to go.

With that, the carmaker revealed an outline of its product plans in ASEAN moving forward, and it includes the launch of eight new vehicles, two under the revived Ralliart badge:
  • 2021 – Refreshed Mitsubishi Xpander
  • 2022 – All-New Mitsubishi Strada/Triton
  • 2023 – New Mitsubishi Xpander Hybrid
  • 2023 – Unnamed New High-Performance Model (Ralliart)
  • 2023 – Unnamed All-New Model
  • Beyond 2023 – All-New Mitsubishi Xpander
  • Beyond 2023 – Unnamed All-New Model
  • Beyond 2023 – Unnamed New High-Performance Model (Ralliart)
  • Beyond 2023 – All-New Mitsubishi Montero Sport/Pajero Sport

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