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September 9, 2021

Man Tired Of A Pothole Decided To Plant A Banana Tree In It

The next time your street has a stubborn pothole, you should consider what this man did in Florida: plant a banana tree to warn motorists.

Last week, Bryan Raymond planted the tree in a stubborn pothole along Honda Drive in south Fort Myers in Florida. Raymond, who owns a business there, said the idea of planting a banana tree ripened in his mind (pardon the pun) after having to fill holes in the street with cement multiple times.

For Raymond, the banana tree is an attention-grabbing repair.

“If we have to maintain it and make sure nobody gets hurt, we are going to put something obvious there to make sure nobody gets in the hole,” Raymond told a local television station.

For some time, Raymond’s security cameras have captured problems along the street, including a pothole damaging cars and floodwaters causing his trash bin to float away.

Some who work along the road say anything is better than potholes.

“I love it, I think it’s hilarious. We should have more of these,” said Scott Shein, who works at a nearby business. “I think it is sending a message.”

He’s seen so many cars hit a pothole on the street and “bottom out” that it’s a real concern.

Charlie Lopez, who lives in nearby Cape Coral, agrees.

“It messes up your tire, messes up the rim, and then it basically messes up your day,” he said.

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