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January 30, 2014

Isuzu Tops Truck Sales in 2013; Solidifies 3rd Place in CAMPI Sales

Isuzu Philippines Corporation (IPC)—maker of world-class diesel engines and durable, fuel efficient commercial vehicles (CVs)—wrapped up 2013 owning several sales accomplishments that continue to prove the Filipino market’s unwavering trust in and support of the brand.

IPC, in particular, dominated the light- to medium-duty truck segments, showing that when it comes to powerful, dependable and hardworking commercial vehicles, the motoring public trusts only one brand.

Combined reports released by the Chamber of Automotive Manufacturers of the Philippines, Inc. and the Truck Manufacturers Association show Isuzu’s N-Series trucks topped Category 3 with 1,835 sold units for a huge 67.7-percent share of the market. This makes the N-Series number one in the light-duty truck segment for 15 consecutive years. The Isuzu Forward (F-Series) trucks and buses dominated Category 4 with 799 sold units for a 41.3-percent share of the market.

Meanwhile, Isuzu’s heavy-duty trucks (18 tons and heavier) captured 16.6-percent share of Category 5 with 48 units.

The Isuzu Crosswind likewise performed well, selling 6,136 units last year, taking 18.1 percent of the Category 1 or AUV segment. IPC attributes this to the Crosswind’s “reliable performance, multi-purpose functions and value-for-money features.”

Another IPC milestone worth noting in 2013 was the company’s launch of the All-New D-MAX pickup in September. Boasting of perfectly-engineered design & style, beastly engine, and innovative exterior & interior features -- the D-MAX is still the vehicle of choice in terms of power and workhorse qualities. The 2013 sales reflected a 12.1 percent market share in the pickup category with 2,398 units sold. Meanwhile, the Alterra, with 577 units sold, continues to be the choice of young professionals and entrepreneurs who are seeking for an SUV that carries an image of superiority and youthfulness.

IPC president Nobuo Izumina attributes this sales success to “Isuzu’s strong brand image and proven status as a leader in diesel-engine technology.” He adds that although IPC has a specialized product lineup—CVs only— Isuzu managed to maintain its strong overall position in third with 11,793 units sold capturing 9.8 percent of the Philippine CV market.”

Izumina further expresses, “The favorable public reception of Isuzu vehicles can only lead to a positive outlook for the company’s overall performance in 2014.”

Isuzu’s sales achievements in 2013 have proven once again that quality, reliability, and customer satisfaction prevail in any competitive market. IPC now looks forward to further improve on its feat for 2014 and targeting to sell more than 14,000 vehicles. With products like the Crosswind, the D-MAX, the Alterra, and the complete lineup of trucks, Isuzu will continue to capture good shares in respective vehicle categories.

For 2014, Isuzu has set its sight on continuously strengthening its existing CV product line. One thing going for IPC is its firm grasp of the needs and wants of discriminating Filipino motorists. The company continues to invest in extensive market research just to determine the vehicle features that prove to be truly valuable and indispensable to Filipino consumers. Expect Isuzu to scale even greater heights as it continues to provide everyone’s transport needs.

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