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January 30, 2014

De-Clutter Your Car for Year of the Horse: Basic Feng Shui Tips to Promote Positive Chi

With the launch of the highly-anticipated Ford EcoSport happening tonight, during Chinese New Year’s Eve, Ford Philippines is sharing some simple tips to make sure you have a safer and happier ride this Year of the Horse.

Since everyone is sending more and more time in their cars (you can blame the traffic for that), cars have become the so-called “second home”. Because of that, it’s oftentimes cluttered with unnecessary junk such as extra clothes, shoes, old newspapers, and the like. To welcome the Year of the Horse, it’s time to de-clutter your car to promote good energy or “chi” throughout the year. Of course, this is where practical Feng Shui comes to good use.

Feng Shui is the art of placement and is considered as a great way to bring harmony and organization to your environment. Basically, there’s one aim: to create a calming, positive surroundings. Of course, this benefits general health and well-being and can influence things such as luck, love, and wealth. And what’s the number one enemy of Feng Shui? Clutter.

Clutter can directly affect your chi or the natural flow of energy. Over time, clutter stagnates chi creating pressure, depression, and tension. So, the most dramatic thing you can do to re-orient your chi is to get rid of car junk.

Ford has offered these four simple tips to balance your chi energy:

First, when you have a connection to something, you’ll take better care of it. Giving a name to your car is one way to encourage a strong connection to your vehicle. Using decals and vanity plates are other ways to encourage that connection.

Two, add some chi enhancers to the interior of your vehicle. A chi enhancer is something that promotes well-being through the senses. Of course, you don’t want anything that distracts your vision while driving, but instead use your other senses. Maybe you hang small chimes in your vehicle. Pick a calming essential oil if you’re stressed, an enlivening one for a quick pick-me-up, or an antibacterial one for a quick wipe down.

Third, in Feng Shui, color is very important. Choose a car color that balances your personality. For example, fiery individuals can choose a water element color like black to calm down (and perhaps avoid tickets). Others can choose fire and wood element colors like reds and greens to create more liveliness. Choose a color that can balance your mood.

Lastly, using symbols is also important in Feng Shui. For example, add a little icon – like a statue or a medal or a picture – as a reminder to drive safely, to be courteous, or to reduce stress. It doesn’t even have to be something visual – just something the driver knows is there. It can even be something tucked in the glove box.

Of course, in the end if you’re shopping for a new car this year, why don’t you consider the “smartest one” out there—the all-new Ford EcoSport. Despite its small frame, the EcoSport is designed to have 20 nifty storage spaces throughout the cabin. This maximizes every available millimeter. For example, there are cup holders on the center console, a sunglass holder, a storage pocket in front of the shifter, a shoe drawer under the passenger seat, and many more. Even the glove box can keep up to six beverage cans cool.


  1. Any update on the price sir?

    1. They said sub-one million. They're launching it tonight, so we'll have all the details by then!

    2. What do you mean when you say sub-one million? Sorry for asking.

    3. It means the EcoSport will be priced below one million. No exact figures though...we'll find that out tonight.

    4. Alright! Thanks sir :)

  2. May I ask what is the 'flood wading' capability of this vehicle??


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