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March 22, 2018

The 2018 Nissan Urvan Premium S is Definitely for VIPs (w/ Brochure)

Last December, Nissan Philippines previewed their challenger to the Hiace Grandia LXV: the Urvan Premium S. Three months later and now it’s ready for booking at all authorized Nissan dealerships nationwide.

To recap, the Urvan Premium S starts off as a regular Urvan Premium and goes through a luxury conversion courtesy of vehicle customizer extraordinaire Atoy Body Kits. Technically a dealer option luxury kit (this means your warranty remains intact), the Urvan Premium S commands a P 400,000 to P 450,000 increase over the standard Urvan Premium.

Outside, the only differentiator between the Urvan Premium and Premium S is that the more expensive variant gets alloy wheels. Still 15 inches in diameter, the 6-spoke alloys do offer a bit more sparkle than the standard steel wheel with cover.

Forking out the additional dough does get you a lot more stuff inside. This starts with a more luxurious seating configuration. Out goes the 15-seater economy class seats and in its place are 11 business or premium economy seats (depending on where you sit) covered in rich leather. The best seats in the house (row 2 and 3) offer individual reclining, sliding, and rotating functions. There are no footrests built-in, but the headrests are branded with an “S”. Unlike Superman though, this one doesn’t stand for “hope”, it stands for “clasS.”

The leather seats aside, passengers will love the plusher carpets and the cozier vibe provided by the overhead and floor-mounted LED mood lights. Meanwhile, the Urvan Premium’s high roof configuration allows the fitment of double overhead storage bins for even more room.

Given the Urvan Premium S’s role as a luxury or VIP shuttle, it comes fitted with a fancy on-board entertainment system. Upfront, there’s a 7-inch Pioneer head unit with built-in multimedia, Bluetooth, and navigation functions, while for the second row, there’s two 10.1-inch Blaupunkt headrest monitors. The speakers, while still four in number, have been upgraded for more thumping bass.

And to protect your investment, the Urvan Premium S comes standard with a Blaupunkt dashcam. This is on top of the added anti-theft alarm system and rear back-up sensors.

Both the Urvan Premium MT and AT models can be converted into an Urvan Premium S. And in case you’re going to ask, no, you cannot have your Urvan Premium retrofitted to become a Premium S after it leaves the dealership. You can bring it to Atoy for a personalized conversion for sure, but that’ll also mean you’ll be kissing your warranty goodbye.

With the Urvan Premium now selling for P 1,776,000 and P 1,836,000 for the MT and AT models respectively, the Urvan Premium S comes out at P 2,176,000 to P 2,226,000 for the MT and P 2,236,000 to P 2,286,000 for the AT.

Nissan dealers across the country are now accepting orders for the Urvan Premium S.


  1. The Alphard is better than this. Business executives on the other hand would pick a German luxury sedan like a BMW 5 or 7 series.

    1. The prestige, better quality materials, better NVH, more powerful engine and looks of the Alphard or a german luxury sedan is worlds better than this customized commuter van.

    2. Morons, of course Alphard is better since its P3.4M in gas. Imagine how much it will cost in diesel, I bet it would be twice as much.

    3. I guess it's more than merely being chauffered - people in the market for this are looking to do more while stuck in traffic, like a mobile home or office. "Manila-proofing" they say. Something short of a trailer, and no luxury car can offer for now.

    4. Yung hyundai na na malaking van, nakita ko me CR pa, manila proof talaga

    5. Hehehe. There are really people who plainly looks at luxury levels when judging a car, they forgot to factor in the purpose of buying one.

      Try stalking our local celebrities as they're one usual client base of these kind of vehicles. Atoy Llave of Atoy customs does the customizing work for them. Those commenters above have said it right "Manila proofed".

    6. haynako tanga.... alphard was designed to be luxury from the getgo...kaya nga ganyan ichura niya inside out..designed to have lexus levels of luxury in japan..

      eh eto...same with sa hiace lxv super grandia or started its life as a van..kaya nga leaf spring likod eh..its for work and utility..dito lang namna yan sa pilipinas naging luxury car ang ganyang vans eh....


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