Sunday, March 11, 2018

This Simple Device Helps You Change A Flat Tire Quickly

It’s a Friday night and I just want to go home. Just when I thought that navigating through Manila’s stop-and-go traffic would take up most of my problems, Murphy’s Law—Anything that can go wrong will go wrong—strikes and I end up with a flat tire. No matter how well you maintain the condition of your tire, with all the debris on our roads, it’s bound to happen.

While some simply hail a cabbie or security guard to do the changing for them, knowing how to properly change a flat tire is a skill any motorist, newbie or enthusiast, has to learn. No excuses. Sure, it’s backbreaking (and dirty) work, especially for those who suffer from back problems such as myself (slipped disc). Thankfully, I haven’t lost my touch and I can change a flat in a little less than 10 minutes.

My secret? A special wrench that I keep in every car that I own: a telescopic lug wrench. While there are several brands out in the market (I’ve seen some being sold in local hardware shops), I happen to stumble on this particular one while doing some online shopping for aftermarket lug nuts back in 2011. I’ve never found any use for it, until now.

Loosening or tightening the lug nuts is probably the most difficult task when it comes to changing a flat tire; and the fact that some tire shops often overtighten them doesn’t make life any easier. Using the OE lug wrench is fine, but what often happens is that you end up standing on top of it to apply the appropriate force to loosen or tighten the lug nuts. This can potentially warp or strip the edges of the lug nut.

With a telescopic lug wrench, I could apply 200 percent more torque than a standard lug wrench when fully extended (21 inches) enabling me to remove the lug nuts safely. And since it collapses to around 14 inches, it takes almost just as much space as the OE lug wrench. While I’ve done work on OE lug nuts, this particular model also works with deep dish wheels and those with recessed lug holes.

Sure, there are those who advocate going with a tire sealant and a tiny air compressor to fix a flat tire, and while this is another great idea, you’re just adding even more variables to your problem. You don’t want to deal with an air compressor that doesn’t work or a tire sealant that doesn’t patch the hole correctly for you.

Personally, I believe in the adage of KISS or Keep It Simple, Stupid. And for people with bad backs and bad luck, a telescopic lug wrench feels like a godsend.


  1. How come you have so many car problems? I've never experience having a flat tire in 5 years.

    1. is’t the bar becomes weak since its hollow and moving?

    2. Seems solid enough to me. It actually locks into place so that helps.

  2. Great idea! Where can you buy this tire wrench?

    1. I got it from the US, but I'm sure there's something similar that you can buy at local hardware stores. I think I saw something at True Value some months back.


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