Monday, July 1, 2019

Skyway and NAIAX Now Have Automated Speed Cameras Installed

Heads up for people regularly using the elevated portions of Skyway and NAIAX: high-tech speed cameras are now in place.

SMC Tollways, the operator of Skyway and NAIAX has confirmed that aside from handheld speed cameras, automated fixed-location speed cameras have now been installed. These cameras, manufactured by Gatso use radar beams to measure the speed of a passing vehicle. If it is traveling above a preset trigger speed, one or two photographs are automatically taken. These cameras, capable of operating at night or inclement weather can catch speedsters even at low visibility or low light conditions. And because Skyway and NAIAX enforcers operate on a “quota” basis, expect them to be extra vigilant in catching motorists going above the speed limit.

As a refresher, the elevated portion of the Skyway has a 60 km/h minimum speed limit for all vehicles, while 100 km/h is the top speed designated for cars, SUVs, and pickup trucks. Meanwhile, for those using NAIAX, the maximum speed limit is just 60 km/h.


  1. I hope they change the speed limit to atleast 120 kph for skyway, and enforce the left most lane for overtaking only.

    1. Agree, people is driving TOO slow making the congestion

    2. they should also strictly enforce the minimum speed limit as well

  2. please also put considerations for vehicles riding 1am to 5am.. 60kph is too slow.. It defeats the purpose of going fast using naiax

  3. Just got my license confiscated today for driving 120km/h. Ticket says 'reckless driving' so that's ₱2k penalty and the license would be released at the LTO East Ave office within 72-hours. SLEX was congested due to the on-going construction. Skyway was also getting congested because of the slow vehicles using the left lane. This sucks.