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January 13, 2022

2022 Ford Explorer's Self-Sealing Tires Explained

One of the most unique features of the 2022 Ford Explorer is something you don’t readily see: the self-sealing tires. A punctured tire is one of the main causes of vehicle breakdowns, but it can also be a major safety concern while on the move.

A punctured tire can be a particular problem on roads where motorists may have no option but to stop on the shoulder, or in a live lane where no hard shoulder exists at all. Even limping to a service station may represent an added and unnecessary danger to motorists.

With most provincial roads not having a shoulder, being able to keep moving even when a tire is punctured offers a clear safety advantage, which is where technology such as Michelin’s SelfSeal system comes into its own.

Fitted as standard on the Philippine spec Ford Explorer, the Michelin Selfseal seals a hole in the tire tread at the very moment it’s made. At the heart of this technology is a thin layer, few millimeters thick, of tough sealant based on natural rubber which is applied to the inside surface of the tread.

If a nail or screw punctures the tire and the sealant, the pressure inside the tire immediately forces this tough mass against the foreign object as it penetrates. This stops air escaping from the tire, and the tire pressure stays constant. If the nail or other object falls out as the vehicle drives on, or if it is removed, the sealant is immediately forced after it, reliably sealing the tire.

Selfseal tires will plug around 90 percent of all tread punctures with a diameter of up to six millimeters that have been caused by nails and screws. Tires equipped with Michelin Selfseal technology don’t need to be replaced prematurely when they’ve been punctured, either, so vehicle owners can continue using them right up to the end of their service life.

Although the layer of sealant makes the individual tires a little heavier, overall, this technology actually saves weight by mitigating the need to carry a spare wheel or a repair kit. Not only does this cut down on fuel consumption, but it also has positive impact on rolling characteristics. The higher mass actually provides a smoother ride and reduces outside noise, too—a major plus point for vehicles meant for undisturbed long drives like the Ford Explorer.


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