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January 7, 2022

Goodyear Just Developed A Tire Made Of 70 Percent Sustainable Material

Goodyear announced the release of a demonstration tire made with 70 percent sustainable-material content which include several industry-leading innovations.

The 70 percent sustainable-material tire includes 13 featured ingredients across nine different tire components, including carbon black, silica, and polyester. Despite its strong environmental performance, the sustainable tire still manages to offer excellent on-road performance, says Goodyear.

The sustainable tire is made from methane, carbon dioxide, and plant-based oil which reduces carbon emissions compared with current methods of carbon black production, or even production that uses waste feedstock sources. In lieu of petroleum-based products, soybean oil is used to keep the tire compound pliable in changing temperatures, while the silica is made from rice husk ash.

Goodyear has set an ambitious goal of producing tires made of 100 percent sustainable materials by 2030. This feat, they deem, is great progress towards that goal.

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