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July 2, 2019

Sonax Has a 2-in-1 Polish-and-Wax That Saves You Time (and Effort)

One of the hassles of DIY car cleaning is that it takes time. For busy bodies such as myself who has barely enough time to exercise, dedicating time to keeping a car spotless is sometimes the last thing on our minds. And while the weekly 30-minute car wash is bearable, what about polishing and waxing?

Thankfully, Sonax has come up with the Easy Shine, a two-in-one wax and polish that, as its name suggests, is easy to use. Like all other Sonax offerings, the Easy Shine is exclusively formulated and made in Neuburg in Germany, backed by the company’s 70-year heritage of providing premium quality car care products.

Unlike traditional waxes polishes, the Sonax Easy Shine can be applied in direct sunlight and/or a hot car surface. It also dries easily (30 seconds) and can be wiped off almost immediately. And even if it’s left on the car’s surface for some time, it can still be wiped off with little difficulty. It can also be used with a buffing machine.

With ultra-fine abrasives, the Sonax Easy Shine gently cleans the paint surface and removes the smallest bumps creating a fresh, bright, and glossy look. It also contains high-quality carnauba wax that provides lasting protection against the elements.

“The Sonax Easy Shine is part of our DIY range,” explains Werner Hofmann, Sonax Area Sales Manager for Asia-Pacific. “And because of that, it’s designed to be fool-proof so there’s little chance of it damaging the car’s paint even if you rub it hard. Also, it gives that new car shine even if you don’t have that much free time. All it takes is one application every 3 months, and you’re ready to go.”

The Sonax Easy Shine is now available at all Blade Auto outlets nationwide and online through Lazada. For more information about Sonax Easy Shine and where to buy it, contact Sonax Philippines through their Facebook page.

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