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May 11, 2021

Academy Award-Winning Composer Hans Zimmer To Produce The Sound For BMW's Electric Cars

Hans Zimmer—the Academy-Award Winning composer for movies such as Gladiator, The Dark Knight Trilogy, and The Lion King will have a new item on his resume: composer of BMW electric’s IconicSounds.

With electric vehicles emitting little to no sound, BMW still wanted to instill some sense of excitement to its upcoming fleet of electric vehicles, especially since they’ll be offering M-spec versions too. Enter this collaboration.

The BMW IconicSounds Electric is meant to offer an enhanced acoustic feedback. It will take into consideration the driving situation at hand, and even the driver’s personal preference.

According to BMW, in the basic setting, it will “employ a strikingly transparent timbre with spherical components to convey the basic character of an electrically driven BMW brand model.” Another version will be developed specifically for the BMW M models.

Hans Zimmer has already co-developed the drive system sound for a couple of BMW concept cars in the past including the BMW Vision M NEXT and the BMW Concept i4 (check out his work in the video below), and now, these learnings will be used to design the sound for production models.

The new drive sounds developed as part of the collaboration with Hans Zimmer are expected to feature in the BMW i4 and BMW iX over the course of 2022. IconicSounds Electric comes as standard in the BMW iX and can be specified as an option for the BMW i4.

In cars with earlier build dates, the new sounds can be imported retrospectively via Remote Software Upgrade, should the customer wish. The new spectrum includes one ready-to-drive sound and one stop sound, plus a drive system sound which will be made available in the relevant version for BMW models and BMW M cars with electrified drive system.

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