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May 13, 2020

Mercedes-Benz's New Steering Wheel Can Punish You If You Don't Hold It Right

Mercedes-Benz will debut a new steering wheel on the 2020 E-Class that will, among other things, force you to hold it properly.

The 2020 version of Mercedes-Benz’s mid-sized sedan will now have the ability to detect if your hands are off the wheel. Sensors located at the front and back of the wheel rim can sense if it’s being held. If not, it can trigger the various driver assist systems; lazy finger trip drivers, beware.

The new tiller reduces mechanical buttons thanks to the adoption of capacitive buttons. It’s a further development of the Touch Control buttons seen in the current E-Class. Mercedes-Benz says the tech has been tested to work even in extreme temperatures, with the buttons designed to work in temperatures that’ll burn the skin (over 100 degrees Celsius).

The 2020 E-Class will also benefit from various steering wheel types—Sport, Luxury, and Supersport. Regardless, Mercedes-Benz says “it’s the most beautiful steering wheel they’ve ever built.” As for the size, the German automaker has opted for fixed sizes for their wheels from 370 to 380 mm in diameter, 29 mm wide, and 42 to 4 mm deep.

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