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May 6, 2020

Nissan to Produce e-Power Tech in Thailand for Export

Nissan has confirmed that its e-Power Technology will now be produced in Thailand making it the first market after Japan to manufacture the technology. Plans are also underway to use Thailand as Nissan’s export base for vehicles fitted with e-Power.

e-Power is Nissan’s term for the powerplant in its extended range electric vehicle. As an extended range electric vehicle or range-extended electric vehicle, it receives all the benefits of a fully-electric driving experience such as instant torque and acceleration, but without the need to plug-in. A small gasoline engine acts as a power generator, charging the onboard traction battery. When extra acceleration is required, the electric motor receives power from both the battery and the engine to enhance its performance. The technology provides superior fuel efficiency and lower emissions, compared to a traditional internal combustion engine.

“Nissan's commitment is to change the way we all drive and live. As leaders in electrification we decided to pledge to continue our timeline to bring this ground-breaking technology, e-Power, to Thailand. This is because Nissan commits to Thailand and our employees, as the regional leader in driving the company's vision for the electrification of mobility. And as a key global production and export hub for Nissan,” said Ramesh Narasimhan, president of Nissan in Thailand.

This announcement underlines Nissan’s long-term investment in Thailand. The Japanese carmaker invested 10.96 billion baht (P 17.10 billion~) to produce e-Power at the company’s facilities in Samut Prakan.

“Thailand has been strategically selected to introduce Nissan’s technology. Following the popularity of e-Power technology in Japan, we are excited to showcase our manufacturing expertise here,” concluded Ramesh Narasimhan.

The first Thailand produced e-Power vehicle is expected to be the refreshed Kicks, a sub-compact SUV that’s destined to replace the Juke in several markets likely including the Philippines.

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