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May 1, 2020

Yes, You Drive Safer with Doggos on Board

Travelling with a pet dog in the car helps motorists to drive more cautiously and reduces stress behind the wheel, that’s according to a research done by Spanish carmaker, SEAT.

A subsidiary of the Volkswagen Group says that in their study, it revealed that traveling with four-legged friends help their owners drive safer with over half (54 percent) admitting they drive more carefully with their furry companions onboard.

The influence of having a doggo on board may be even more pronounced among younger drivers. Recognized as among the most at-risk age group on the roads, over two thirds (69 percent) of motorists aged 18-24 said they drive more carefully with their dog in the car.

Older drivers were least affected by their in-car canines, with 42 percent of over 55 saying that travelling with their dogs makes them drive in a more cautious manner.

As well as driving more cautiously, the presence of a dog in the car also appears to benefit mental health by reducing drivers’ stress levels. This could even help ease road rage for some motorists as over a third of drivers (35 percent) said that they feel calmer at the wheel if their dog is travelling in the car with them.

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