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August 11, 2021

5 Reasons Why The Isuzu Traviz Is A Solid Choice For A Growing Business

Being an SME in today’s fast-paced business world is not easy, to say the least, especially since we are facing a global health crisis. Entrepreneurs not only have to face concerns with financial capital. More importantly, there is the challenge of keeping daily operations running smoothly and consistently, especially when running a business that requires the movement of both products and people.

One of the most significant aspects of having a company would be making sure that your logistics and warehousing department is equipped with a reliable team and the right equipment to support your company’s needs. An important element would be your transport fleet. What you want to choose for your fleet would be vehicles that are safe, of high (if not, the best) quality, and easy to maintain.

This is where the Isuzu Traviz comes in. Having made a name in producing some of the most reliable commercial vehicles and trucks, Isuzu has expanded its offering to one such model that is made specifically with the SMEs in mind. The Traviz is a commuter transport vehicle that comes in the perfect compact size to move goods in moderate quantities yet can be configured into three different bodies (dropside, aluminum, and refrigerated) to adapt to the needs of a growing business.

After having maximized the Isuzu Traviz for two weeks running, here are five reasons why you should consider this modern van as your next company upgrade.

#1. It has a modern, well-built design.

The last thing you want from your cargo van is for it to, well, look like one. With most SMEs and modern business looking to upgrading their image, the entire package includes the tools of the trade. Your transport vehicle is one of the first things that your customer or dealer will see. Having a well-maintained and reliable transport in an updated modern design arrive at their door will tell them that this company invests in their equipment for the road ahead.

#2. It has good all-around visibility.

Considering that delivery vehicles already have limited rear visibility due to the cargo section, the Isuzu Traviz upped its game by providing full-sized windshield and longer, wider windows on the driver and passenger sides of the cabin. This ensures that the driver can easily see through to the side-mirrors and will be able to effectively do shoulder checks with less obstruction. Better visibility equates to increased safety on the road.

 #3. It promises a more comfortable transit.

Deliveries can take all day, especially when there is a long list to cover (a good thing!). However, sitting through Manila traffic is no easy feat. It’s not comfortable for most people commuting in sedans and SUVs — what more for drivers that have to contend with the limited, cramp space of a delivery vehicle?

The Isuzu Traviz aims to solve this problem, offering a more spacious cabin, with roomier seating and legroom. In addition, all variants are equipped with power steering, fully air-conditioned, and comes with a USB-ready radio system.

#4. It is built for the long haul.

The Isuzu Traviz was designed to transport your business — whatever type of goods that may be. Its high payload capacity of 1,660 kilograms for the Traviz S and 1,665 kilograms for the Traviz L means that you can easily configure your goods into the hold without leaving anything behind.

If your business requires the transport of people along with the goods, the cargo hold has foldable bench seating on either side and comes with sliding windows for circulation.

#5. It offers better fuel efficiency.

Running on a diesel engine already promises less gas guzzling. But with Isuzu’s signature Blue Power Diesel Engine, you can be further assured of more efficient fuel economy performance without compromising engine output — a characteristic that is recognized across most Isuzu vehicles.

Words and Photos by Gen Tiu.

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