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May 4, 2020

Disinfection Spray, Bath for Cars May Become Part of "New Normal"

The Department of Trade and Industry and Department of Labor and Employment issued new health and safety guidelines in what could be the “new normal” for areas under the General Community Quarantine.

Among them, motorists can expect an additional step before entering an office or commercial establishment: disinfection sprays and baths.

While most are already accustomed to having their vehicle’s interior and trunk searched by security guards, to prevent the further spread of COVID-19, vehicles and/or equipment entering an operational area must now undergo a disinfection process via spray or bath. The key word here is “operational area” and not parking lot; meaning this only covers vehicles with direct access to areas in close proximity of workers (such as manufacturing facilities).

There are other new workplace guidelines such as the installation of barriers between tables (say goodbye to the open office concept), and many more which you can check out below.

All things considered, disinfection sprays and baths may not become a regular fixture at commercial establishments just yet, but don’t be alarmed when some malls or high-security areas will decide to put them up as a precaution anyhow.

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