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May 4, 2020

Kill Car Interior Germs With This Easy-to-Use Spray from Sonax

With much less driving done during this period of community quarantine, enhanced or otherwise, it’s become an important practice for you to warm up your car not just to keep the battery charged, but also to keep vital fluids such as the coolant and engine oil from becoming stale.

According to carmakers, the proper warm up procedure takes an hour. Why? Well, because it already takes approximately 20 minutes of running just to put back power into the 12-volt battery what was lost during the start-up.

This long period of idling makes it an opportune time to wash and clean your car, especially the frequently used touchpoints to prevent any possible COVID-19 infection. But wiping and detailing can only get you so far because there’s one area you can reach: the innards of your A/C system.

This is where the four-step A/C cleaner from Sonax comes in.

Retailing for less than P 600 per single-use can, the Sonax A/C Cleaner actively deep cleans your car’s air conditioning system and neutralizes harmful bacteria which is a common source of musty odors. Using it entails a simple four-step process which should become part of your weekly car warm-up routine.

Here’s how you use it (or check the video below for a visual guide):

Step 1: turn your car’s air conditioning to its maximum setting. If you can set the flow of air, open all the blowers. Oh, and make sure you have re-circulate function turned on.

Step 2: move the driver’s seat as close as possible to the steering wheel.

Step 3: Shake the Sonax A/C Cleaner, hold the can away from your body, and activate the spray head. Place the can in the rear seat behind the driver’s seat.

While waiting for the A/C cleaner can to empty, you can do other things like washing your car.

Step 4: When you see that the can’s empty, open the doors and ventilate the car for 10 minutes.

With the COVID-19 pandemic going around, taking extra precautions such as disinfecting your car’s A/C system should be a must in the “new normal.” Despite these precautions though, it’s best to use products that are specially formulated to work with your car’s delicate interior such as the Sonax Air Cleaner.

For more information on the Sonax AC Cleaner, message them at their official Facebook page.

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