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August 6, 2021

Chery Auto PH Surpasses 2020 Full-Year Sales In First 7 Months Of 2021

Seemingly immune from the adverse effects of the market wariness over the Delta variant of COVID-19, Chery Auto Philippines continues to post record sales month after month.

Last July, Chery Auto Philippines posted a 122 percent growth compared to the same month in 2020. Equally impressive is that after only seven months this year, 2021 to-date sales have already exceeded 2020’s full-year sales by 42 percent.

While Chery has not divulged actual sales figures, last year, they did manage to sell 118 units in July. Based on their 122 percent growth statement, it meant they sold around 144 units.

According to Chery, its best-seller remained the Tiggo 7 Pro followed by the Tiggo 2, Tiggo 8, and finally, the Tiggo 5X.

“The highly encouraging positive results came from a combination of factors led by the growing awareness of the Chery brand and the high value buyers get from our feature-packed crossovers,” declared Chery Auto Philippines president Rommel Sytin.

“The intermittent lockdowns and the relentless heavy rains underscore the importance of mobility more than ever and people are really searching for products that give maximum value and mobility for their hard-earned money. Our high-riding Tiggo models with water-wading depths as much as 600 mm meet all their needs,” Sytin added.


  1. Ppol wil consider it mrketing gmik until they provide exact sales nmber n not jaz prcentage

    1. Iz you read story, iz you see number.

    2. For transparency They shod giv d actual 2020 sales nmbers n d 7 monts jan-july 2021. How can we prospectiv buyers knew d actual sales mmber f they jaz kep relesing % figures only. It only bred suspicion n doubts to der products

    3. Are you typing with a nokia keypad?

  2. Hope Chery's vehicles will prove its reliability eventually.

  3. With Chery Tiggo7 Pro 10years warranty and 3years FREE PMS, no other China Carmakers can offer what the Chery local distributor could if their Vehicles not reliable.


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