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February 7, 2020

Ford's Sold Out GT Supercar Gets Naked for 2020

The entire run of the Ford GT may have been spoken for, but that didn’t stop the guys at Ford Performance from releasing a mid-cycle refresh that boosts the outputs of the supercar’s 3.5-liter twin-turbo V6.

Standard on all deliveries from 2020 onward, the Ford GT ups its output by 13 horsepower to an even 660 horsepower. Beyond the additional horses, the supercar now has a broader torque curve thanks to revised engine calibration plus gallery-cooled pistons and higher-energy ignition coils. These were all lessons learned from the track-only Mk II.

To better keep the engine running at optimal temperature, the 2020 Ford GT gets additional cooling and airflow updates from the new buttress air ducts, where it increases airflow by 50 percent to the larger intercoolers. Capping off the changes is the Akrapovič titanium exhaust which is now standard equipment. This not only provides a 4-kilogram weight reduction, but it also enhances the EcoBoost’s engine note.

For handling, the suspension damping is increased in track mode to further enhance handling and body control.

Aesthetically, the 2020 Ford GT now gets an optional Liquid Carbon color scheme which strips it of any paint color. Instead, it uses a special clearcoat to emphasize the unique carbon fiber weave. The Liquid Carbon edition also gets matching carbon fiber wheels with titanium lugnuts.

Deliveries of the upgraded Ford GT are ongoing and as a reminder, all of them are spoken for. Production wraps up in 2022.

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