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February 27, 2020

Honda Just Gave the Jazz an SUV-Like Makeover

Understanding that crossovers have a broader appeal nowadays, Honda has come up with an SUV-inspired version of the all-new Jazz. Called the Jazz Crosstar, it comes with features that make it better suited for those who aspire to live “active lifestyles.”

Taking the all-new Jazz as a starting point, the Jazz Crosstar adds its own unique suspension that raises the ground clearance to a comfortable 160 mm (from the regular Jazz’s 135 mm).

After that, it gets some SUV-like design cues like substantial scratch-resistant black plastic all around the lower part—bumpers, side sills, and doors. It also gets wheel arch extensions, a more formal grille, and roof rails for good measure. The changes are capped off by thicker 185/60R16 tires fitted on unique wheels for the Jazz Crosstar. Further complementing its positioning as an SUV, it even gets water-repellant fabric seats.

Apart from the raised ride height, the Jazz Crosstar is still pretty much the Jazz inside and out. For that, the same engine options remain: the L13B engine (98 horsepower, 118 Nm of torque) or the LEB-H5 gasoline-electric hybrid (109 horsepower, 253 Nm of torque). Interestingly enough, this cutesy SUV-ish hatchback comes with all-wheel drive as an option.

The best news is that the Jazz Crosstar won’t just be a Japan market exclusive. It’s been confirmed to go on sale in global markets such as Europe. Currently, it’s still too early to tell whether ASEAN countries such as the Philippines will get this SUV-inspired Jazz. However, it’s worth noting that it does come with a hefty 290,400-Yen (~ P 135,000) premium over the regular Jazz.

Do you think it’s worth it for Honda to bring it to ASEAN, and are you willing to pay that much premium to just these SUV-like features?


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