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February 13, 2020

Good Boy BMW Owners Are Qualified for a 5-Year / 200,000-Kilometer Warranty

Hey BMW owner, have you been a good boy? Have you followed the prescribed service schedule? Have you kept your Bimmer in stock condition? Well, here’s a reward for you: a three year, 100,000-kilometer extension on your original warranty.

If you purchased your BMW in 2018, accumulated less than 200,000 kilometers, and have their warranties expiring in a month are qualified to get the industry-leading 5-year / 200,000-kilometer warranty—something that’s been standard on Bimmers sold from 2019 onwards.

A prerequisite inspection is necessary to make sure that the BMW’s been correctly driven (and that you use your blinkers—just kidding), and that the maintenance, inspection, and all services have been carried out in full and at the specified intervals as outlined by BMW.

After that, you enjoy the extended warranty that, get this, covers all components minus wear and tear items (brake pads, filters, engine oil, etc.). These vehicles are also covered by a 5-year BMW Assistance program that offers 24/7 roadside assistance powered by IBERO Asistencia (covers major cities nationwide).

BMW Philippines says it is not free, but at least it offers a long-term blanket of protection. Pricing can be inquired through any authorized BMW dealer.

“As the first to introduce the longest and most comprehensive warranty package in the premium
car segment, BMW affirms its commitment to the discerning market and their vehicles. We want all
BMW owners in the Philippines to know that we stand by our products and are always willing to
make sure that we keep their cars in perfect condition for many years to come,” said SMC Asia Car
Distributors Corp. President Spencer Yu.

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