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September 13, 2018

Honda Cars Philippines is Tired of People Flipping Their Civic Type Rs

Honda Cars Philippines (HCPI) says they’ve had it with people who buy the Civic Type R just to flip it for a profit. With news that the second batch of 100 units has all sold out, HCPI says they’ve started working with their dealers to vet potential owners.

“The Civic Type R should be reserved for loyal Honda owners or for customers who can become ambassadors of the brand,” reveals Atty. Louie Soriano, HCPI’s Division Head for Sales and Spokesperson.

As such, the Japanese automaker has become concerned with people reserving and purchasing a Civic Type R for the sole purpose of selling it at a higher price in the open market. It must be remembered that during the first-ever Civic Type R Track Experience last February 2018, a handful of units were already marked with a “For Sale” sign during the event—barely four months after the ceremonial turnover of the first batch of units.

Thus, with this second batch of units, HCPI has started taking steps to screen potential owners and even refuse the sale if indications are strong that the would-be buyer is merely trying to buy a Civic Type R with the sole intention of re-selling it.

Atty. Soriano though makes it clear that they’re not going to make customers sign a contract or sales agreement that forbids them from re-selling their Civic Type R. However, they’re going to work with their dealer partners in order to minimize the occurrence of flipping. Soriano didn’t reveal HCPI’s specific screening criteria, though he did mention that “having multiple cars, especially well-kept Hondas or other collectibles” puts you in the short list.

The additional vetting process will result in some customer delivery delays by a few weeks.


  1. they make it limited here and are surprised people are selling it for profit?

  2. Limiting the supply to jack up prices and making sure that they are the only ones who make a profit. ka-ching! It's been over a year that this car is in production and the factory in UK is churning out 75 per day. De Beers business model? This additional hype will further increase the illusion of rareness lol. If this is the S2000 successor I would completely understand.

  3. Worshippers at the altar of VTec being taken advantage of

  4. These guys. Look at their prices. Mas mahal pa sa retail price. Ang kakapal ng mga mukha!!!




    Pwede ba pagsabihan tong mga to?!

    1. SUPPLY AND DEMAND BRO!? and if your not a Honda Enthusiast, you dont know nothing about shits...

    2. That’s not supply and demand “bro”. That’s exploitation and unjust enrichment. Taking advantage of the civic cult in the Philippines. Reselling it way above the retail price for easy profit, not taking into consideration depreciation. Only brainless honda fanboys would buy this 2nd hand civic at a higher price than honda intended.

    3. It is what it is - hindi naman ito basic commodity na "exploitation". Luxury item ito, at kung gusto magbayad ng magkano ang kung sino, then that's all there is to it. Supply and demand parin.

      Go fight for basic human needs or something. Parang misplaced ang sense of justice mo. Ilapit natin kay Duterte.

    4. Supply and demand applies enough said

    5. thats exactly what supply and demand is....and you explained it very profoundly, bro. taking advantage of a cult following (demand) with very limited units (supply).

  5. Why is it a problem? You still get a loyal Honda worshipper in the end right? A nut who spends that much on a second hand type R is A-grade zealot.

  6. Enough is enough! Wag na mag argue! Dami niyong Satsat eh keso ganito keso ganyan. Tanong ko lang, kelan kaya makulong si Trillanes?😂


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