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March 9, 2020

5 Thoughts on the 2020 Subaru WRX

The Subaru WRX has been a choice for the brand’s long-time fans. But with a turbocharged engine and the iconic hood scoop, it’s also easily recognized even by the most casual of motorists who’ve come to know what those three letters—W-R-X—stand for. Having been a fan of the Levorg for years, I finally had the opportunity to try out the very platform that it was based off of. First, it was refreshing to finally be driving a sedan again. Secondly, my conversations with die-hard Suabru fans had instilled the impression that the WRX was a force to push.

For a woman who lives through Manila’s congested streets on the daily, there are a number of factors that influence her decision in choosing the right car. The spec, the space, the practicality, the handling, the fuel economy. And then there are the exceptions, for whom performance and driving comfort take precedence. In this story, here are the reasons why (and why not) the decidedly male-centric Subaru WRX could also be the right choice for the modern woman.

#1. Safety, Leveled-Up

As the award-winning safety technology for Subaru, EyeSight has finally made it to the WRX, and it makes a solid difference in turning the well-loved race machine into a practical city driver. This, coupled with the standard safety features, make it a companion you’re confident to tackle the daily grind with.

#2. Turbocharged

Speed is the name of the game and it’s no wonder that women are up on their feet early, set to tackle the day’s list of tasks one after the other. For the career-driven woman, the performance of the WRX offers the efficiency of a reliable companion—the 265-horsepower 2.0-liter 4-cylinder engine gives it more than enough power. Oh, and despite the WRX still not using the Subaru Global Platform, it’s still a stable, adaptive car to drive around even through Manila’s uneven, pothole-ridden streets.

#.3 Driver In-Control

Subaru vehicles are known for its superior handling and stability control. These are features that are crucial, not just for the track driver, but more so for the regular commuter. For women, reliability is an important factor — a car that will take them through the day’s errands without breaking a sweat, while making them feel safe and in control. This is what the WRX offers. It is a step-up from your usual sedan, giving us women on-road confidence.

#4. Practical, Yet In-Style

There’s no doubt about it: the Subaru WRX continues to turn heads. It is fair warning that fellow drivers may challenge you to a drive-off at a stoplight. However, the WRX proved to be as practical as it is stylish. On the outside, it has got all the makings of a racing rock star, from the low hoodline to the solid-looking 18-inch wheels. On the inside, it has got generous cargo room, albeit not as much as its wagon derivative, comfortable plush leather seating, and up-to-the minute infotainment system.

On that note, I was pleased to discover that the WRX still come with the original Subaru Starlink system—a far better cry than the Panasonic head unit that is installed in the 2019 Forester. Just the feature of the Apple CarPlay was a winner in itself.

#5. It’s Not Perfect Though

The downside of the WRX is that because it was meant to be a performance-oriented sedan, the ride is decidedly bouncier than I would have liked—more so than even the Levorg. Going over speed bumps have to be done slower than you would the Levorg and you can feel the road imperfections more, as well.

In addition, seating is also tighter for both the front and back rows. The bucket seats for driver and passenger are comfortable, but does not offer much wiggle room. The back row, on the other hand, is designed for 2 average-sized males, or perhaps 3 small children.

The WRX serves up the right combination of form factor and function, not just for the city dweller, but those who prefer to do more enthusiastic style of driving. It serves all the right notes—perhaps save for the aforementioned ride and space for the daily grind. In this regard, the Subaru WRX is a chosen few, even more so women. However, for those who appreciate what it can do, it delivers all the right notes.

Words and photos by Gen Tiu.


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  3. how much is the monthly amortization

  4. Nice one... But will opt for the mighty WRX STI though.

  5. We have a 2019 Forester. Love it. Looking to replace our second car (2015 Kia Forte) and torn between a WRX CVT vs MX5. Thoughts?


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