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March 7, 2019

The 2020 Hyundai Sonata Looks So Sporty

Hyundai has revealed the first photos of the eighth-generation 2020 Sonata, an executive sedan that’s now taken a decidedly four-door coupe look. It embodies the Sensuous Sportiness design concept first seen in the Le Fil Rouge Concept, fully transforming the Sonata following the release of the previous generation model in 2014.

The 2020 Sonata is 45 mm longer, 30 mm lower, and 25 mm wider. Its wheelbase has been enlarged by 35 mm as well. It appears even longer because its signature chrome accent now goes all the way into the hood. It also has short overhangs, a sloping roofline, and a low deck lid.

The trademark grille is now called “Digital Pulse Cascading Grille” because of its rhythmic visuals, akin to a sportscar. Furthermore, the DRLs are “hidden” thanks to Hidden Lighting Lamps which appear to be made of chromatic material when switched off—this lighting signature will be seen in other future Hyundai models as well. At the back, the same feeling of width is replicated by full-width heckblende taillights.

Inside, Hyundai says the 2020 Sonata’s interior is inspired by Stealth aircraft. With that, certain elements appear to float while still maintaining a rich and modern atmosphere. The overall height of the dashboard itself has been compressed to add a lightweight feeling while designers opted to reduce visual distractions by eliminating unnecessary screens. Instead, Hyundai opted to thread two displays together using an S curve. These displays are seamless, with no parting lines, and have capacitive touch buttons. Additional features include a satin chrome accent on the steering wheel, which looks like an aircraft yoke, and shift-by-wire transmission controls to free up storage space.


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