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March 8, 2019

More Than Half of Toyota Vios's Philippine Variants Come with a CVT

Traffic has fundamentally changed the way people drive. Before, entry-level cars were destined to be equipped with a manual transmission and putting in an option for an automatic was considered luxurious. Oh, how times have changed. Today, more and more drivers are shifting to automatics.

As a response to this (pardon the pun) shift, Toyota Motor Philippines has listened and introduced the Vios XE. Priced at just P 735,000, it’s the most affordable automatic transmission variant of the country’s best-selling passenger car, and one that makes everyday driving easier and more fuel efficient.

Compared to other automatic gearboxes which use a system of gears and cogs, the Vios relies on a belt and pulley system. According to Toyota, this setup is much better in stop-and-go traffic because its seamless shift quality virtually eliminates shift shock and improves transmission quietness.

Aside from offering better cabin refinement, the Vios’s CVT gearbox is designed to improve fuel efficiency by keeping the engine running at the optimal operating range. In fact, they say this gearbox is much more forgiving to drivers with a heavy right foot because it quells jerkiness by continuously adjusting the gear ratios (as opposed to a “stepped” feel in an automatic).

For those who prefer something a bit sportier, the CVT gearbox here also comes with a sequential shift mode and even paddle shifters. Together with the Vios’s Drive Mode Select (Eco and Sport), it makes for a versatile and economical car that’s easy to drive everyday.

Further hammering the point that Toyota’s listening to the market, there are now a total of 5 Vios variants all equipped with a CVT gearbox, including the value-oriented XE—that’s over half of the total number of variants available locally!

More than its affordable price tag, the Vios XE shares the brand’s signature traits of Quality, Durability, and Reliability. Choosing the Vios means worry-free ownership that gives customers peace of mind even with aftersales and regular maintenance.

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