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March 8, 2019

Harman Doesn't Want You to Compromise Your Listening Experience in the Ride Sharing Future

For people who own multiple cars, one of the more irritating things you have to deal with is to re-do your audio settings from one vehicle to another. Well, audio specialist Harman may have found a solution for that by, how else, developing an app.

Currently in the prototype stage, the Personi-Fi system creates a personalized audio experience that can be transferred from one car to another. A user inputs data about themselves, their preferences (more bass for example, or an EQ such as jazz or classical) and Person-Fi creates a sound stage specifically for the user. Oh, and it can even take into account where the listener is seated or if he or she has suffered from some hearing loss. The system runs on Bluetooth, WiFi, or LTE.

Harman says the system opens up possibilities in the ride sharing future since users won’t have to compromise their listening preference with other users.

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