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March 25, 2019

Mitsubishi Just Pimped Up the Strada to Something Xzibit Would Approve

Yo dawg, I hears you’re a big fan of Pimp My Ride, so I bring it back with some help from Mitsubishi, ya all. Yeah, I take a regular Strada (L200 for you Europeans) and gave it some pimpin’. And it’s so good, it just won the UK’s “Truck King Battle.”

This year is designed for e-sports, man...I mean, them big nowadays right? So watcha gonna need with them?

Yeah, I hears you wanna giant screen, right? So, I put lots of ‘em plus of course, a high-power audio system with some real bass, you know what I mean? Yeah, and then this is designed for chillin’ ya all, so I installed “bespoke” seats and some mood lighting, all right? Yeah, and of course, I threw in a refreshment bar too, because ya know, you get thirsty from all that gaming, right?

On top of all that, I put everything in the Strada’s cargo bed—I even installed a high-roof canopy too. Ain’t that cool? Oh and cuz this ain’t no regular Strada, I slapped on some chunky off-road wheels and tires too, cuz it’s gotta be pimpin’, man.

Man, this is so cool. It’s Xzibit approved.

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