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March 20, 2019

Is J&T Express Foton Philippines's Biggest Fleet Customer?

Foton Motor Philippines continues to entice a growing number of companies to switch to the country’s third best-selling truck brand. One such customer is PT Global Jet Express, commonly known as J&T Express.

Established in Indonesia last 2015, the company aims to establish easier and more efficient online business transactions by expanding into the e-commerce space. With J&T Express expanding its operations in neighboring Southeast Asian countries like Vietnam, Malaysia, Thailand, and the Philippines, they’ve chosen Foton trucks for their mass cargo and big delivery needs.

“For those planning to start a business, first, you have to know what you want, and J&T Express is very lucky because Foton has exactly what we are looking for,” announced J&T Express Brand Director Zoe Chi during the vehicle turnover ceremony at the Foton Motor Philippines’s assembly plant in Clark, Pampanga.

A total of 130 units of various Foton trucks were purchased by J&T Express. The fleet is composed of 60 units of Foton Tornado 2E E4, 30 units of FOTON Tornado M4.2C, and 40 units of the Foton Gratour TM—all units have the signature F-Van body which is most suitable for cargo deliveries.

“We’ve heard a lot about Foton vehicles, especially their commercial units. Our friends in other countries who work in the same industry shared how functional their Foton trucks were, that’s why the brand caught our interest.” said Chi.

According to Chi, “One reason why we chose Foton is because we have the same company values. Just like Foton, we were also immediately embraced by the market even if we were just a relatively new brand. This made our business grow so fast that enable us to reach more. We also focus on marketing, and we watch out for the trends to provide a satisfying customer experience.”

“We also conducted research and evidently, the customer feedback is good. FOTON definitely offers the biggest value for money.” Noted Chi.

Foton trucks are designed to deliver powerful driving performance, high durability, ergonomic comfort, as well as good transport quality and flexible body-building capability, all factors to consider when investing for a transport business.

The Gratour TM is Foton’s first-ever cabover truck in the Gratour line. The 1.5-liter normally-aspirated 4-cylinder engine puts out 110 horsepower and 142 Nm of torque—both of which are best in class. On the other hand, the light duty truck model that composes 47 percent of J&T Express’ delivery vehicles is the FOTON Tornado 2E E4 F-Van. This 11-footer boasts of a payload capacity up to 2,000 kilograms thanks to its large dimensions and powerful 4J28TC CRDI engine. Another truck model is the Tornado M4.2C. This one carries the highly-advanced ISF 3.8 Foton Cummins engine that puts out an impressive 600 Nm of torque. Aside from that, it has a high-strength steel chassis for bigger freight capacity and heightened stability, even when loaded.

“With our products, we guarantee that also the J&T Express delivery drivers will also be welcomed with a slew of safety and security features that make each journey comfortable and convenient, while assuring owners of a multifunctional workhorse that is also friendly to those driving it,” shared Foton Philippines President Rommel Sytin.

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