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March 8, 2019

Nissan Leaf is the First Electric Vehicle to Breach 400,000 Sales Mark

The Nissan Leaf is the first electric car in history to surpass 400,000 sales, solidifying the model’s role as the leader in the global shift towards zero emissions mobility.

Introduced in 2010 as the world’s first mass-market electric vehicle, the Nissan Leaf has led the way in making the excitement and convenience of electric driving accessible to non-luxury buyers. Less than a decade ago, electric cars were seen as a niche product, and Leaf customers were mostly “early adopters.”

Today, a growing number of consumers say their next car may be electric. Customers are choosing the Leaf for its powerful, agile performance and advanced technologies, in addition to the benefits of sustainable mobility.

In launching the first-generation Leaf, Nissan pledged to become a global leader in producing and promoting vehicles with zero tailpipe emissions. The company committed itself to working with governments and utility companies to support the adoption of electric vehicles, make charging them easier and more convenient, and develop second-life uses for electric car batteries.

Since then, Nissan has formed partnerships around the world under its Nissan Energy initiative. These partnerships will leverage the ability of electric car batteries to store energy and share it with homes, businesses and power grids – making electric vehicles even more useful, while promoting efficient energy use.

Meanwhile, Leaf owners have driven their cars more than 10 billion kilometers in total. The number of Leaf vehicles sold since 2010 is enough to save 3.8 million barrels of oil a year.

Last year, the Leaf was not only the best-selling electric vehicle in Europe, but also the top-selling car of any kind in Norway.

The Nissan Leaf is available in more than 50 markets globally. It will go on sale in 6 new markets in Latin America in the first half of this year and 7 in Asia and Oceania by the end of the year.

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