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March 4, 2020

Volvo PH presents Ironmark Award to Mayor Isko

Along with sighs and muted shrieks from admirers of all ages, Francisco Moreno Domagoso took the stage once more as the recipient of this year’s Volvo Ironmark Award.

The young Mayor of Manila’s dedication and passion to his job that earned him the recognition. The Ironmark is the Swedish car manufacturer’s logo that can be seen displayed on all its vehicles. This is the badge of honor that defines what a Volvo is: a combination of durability, strength, and quality. These qualities are also main characteristics exemplified by each Volvo Ironmark Awardee.

He may be called several names, Isko Moreno from his matinee idol days to the more colloquial Yorme, a name bestowed upon him by fans and constituents alike, Mayor Domagoso made waves, especially in the political ocean.

From the silver screen, he trained his sights on improving himself, enrolling in administrative, business, and leadership courses. He believes that investing in education is a step closer to his dream of serving the public. From councilor, vice-mayor, and a number of government posts, he won by a landslide in the mayoral elections in May 2019.

Since then, Domagoso has become both pretty face and iron hand in Manila, spearheading clean-up operations and cracking down on lawbreakers. In just a short time, the City of Manila sees a flourishing future thanks to him.

Past Volvo Ironmark Awardees included Sen. Manny Pacquiao, Dr. Vicky Belo, Ces Drilon, Bea Alonzo, and Joey Concepcion. Adding to this illustrious roster is Domagoso, whose tenacity and vigor are something worth looking forward to.

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