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March 4, 2020

Hyundai's Future Design is Basically a Porsche

Hyundai has unveiled what its future EVs could look like with the Prophecy. Supposedly a clear expression of their latest design philosophy, Sensuous Sportiness and their “ultimate automotive form,” it’s basically a Porsche with a Hyundai badge. I mean, just look at it.

The Korean team behind the Prophecy says it’s expanding on last year’s 45 Concept EV, but at least that one brings a bit of retro and mixes it with Blade Runner-like futurism. This one? It’s a Taycan in black paint. Still, Hyundai says there’s no Germanic influence here. Instead, the Prophecy is supposed to look like a perfectly weathered pebble.

Regardless, at least the Prophecy makes use of the fact that it runs on an EV platform. With that, the cabin pretty much spans the entire length and width of the car. Moreover, Hyundai believes it’s got the steering wheel of the future—a pair of joysticks that pivot left and right. The carmaker says it’s much more comfortable than the traditional tiller.

As with any bonkers concept, don’t expect the Hyundai Prophecy to arrive in dealerships as is. That being said, certain elements of it will likely make it to production. Let’s hope though that by that time, it’ll look more Porsche and less Hyundai.

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