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March 4, 2019

Toyota Motor Philippines Starts Summer with Up to P 100,000 Off Your Favorite Models

Toyota Motor Philippines is starting summer right with its Big Summer Blowout. The promo which starts today until March 31, 2019 gives buyers one of three options: Pay Low, Pay Light, or Save on your brand-new Toyota. Special deals and discounts are available on the Vios, Fortuner, Innova, Avanza, Wigo, Hilux, and Hiace.

For Vios buyers, enjoy a pay-low package of just P 82,800 for the 1.3 E M/T or P 7,080 monthly for the Vios 1.3 J M/T. For cash buyers, enjoy savings of P 10,000 (XE), P 50,000 (E variants), P 55,000 (E+ M/T), P 50,000 (E+ A/T), and P 80,000 (G and G+ variants).

For those considering an Avanza, the 1.3 E M/T can be driven off the showroom with just a P 127,200 downpayment or P 8,759 monthly for the 1.E M/T. Both the E and G variants have an outright cash discount of P 30,000 too.

Fortuner buyers are treated to a P 239,550 all-in low down for the 4x2 G Diesel M/T or P 16,143 for the 4x2 G Gas A/T. Cash buyers get P 75,000 off the G Gas variants, P 65,000 off the G Diesel variants, and P 65,000 off the V Diesel variants. And to sweeten the deal even more, all Fortuner G variants get a free dashcam for units delivered before March 31, 2019.

For the Innova, the 2.0 J Gas M/T can be yours with a P 152,250 all-in low down or P 10,394 monthly for the 2.0 J Gas M/T. Buying with cash? Get P 60,000 for the G Diesel A/T, E Diesel variants, and J Diesel M/T and P 40,000 for the G Diesel M/T, G Gas, E Gas, and J Gas variants.

Want a people mover? The pre-full model change Hiace can be yours with a low all-in of P 216,300 for the Commuter M/T or P 14,916 per month. The Super Grandia (leather) is also available with a P 100,000 discount and the Super Grandia (fabric), GL Grandia, and Commuter at P 50,000 off.

Going for the Wigo? The 1.0 E M/T has a low all-in of just P 82,050 or P 5,361 per month. For cash buyers, they get P 10,000 savings on all variants.

Finally, for the Hilux, the 4x4 G Diesel M/T can be driven home with a P 224,400 all-in lowdown or P 12,822 for the 4x2 G Diesel M/T. Going for the G and Conquest moves can save you too: P 20,000 off the 4x2 G and Conquest and P 50,000 for the 4x4 G and Conquest models.

All Pay Low package assumes a 15 percent downpayment, free first year insurance, free 3-year LTO registration, and no chattel mortgage fee. Meanwhile, the Pay Light option assumes a 50 percent downpayment with 60 months to pay. All financing options are done through Toyota Financial Services.

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