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March 4, 2019

Honda Missed a Golden Opportunity to Name Their First-Ever EV

Listen Honda, I know you’ve spent big marketing money doing some focused group study to come up with the name of your first-ever EV; but “Honda e?” C’mon. I certainly hope that it’s just a place holder for the eventual final production car’s name, because I’m throwing in a suggestion for you. Why not just call it, “E. Honda?”

Why? Well, it’s something we’ve already seen other carmakers do. Volkswagen has the e-Golf and Peugeot has the e-208, so buyers immediately get that it’s electric. Add the “dot” between “E” and “Honda” and millennials get it as something high-tech and connected; after all, we live in the age, right? Oh, and “Honda e” just reads like a typo. It’s like someone mis-pressed the keyboard by mistake (the “e” in small caps doesn’t help).

The best part? If you name it “E. Honda,” you automatically get an endorser in the form of Street Fighter’s resident sumo wrestler. Okay, I’m certainly betraying my age here, but it doesn’t matter. Fuck Tekken. Street Fighter is what your target market grew up with, so why don’t you throw us all a bone.

Imagine E. Honda club meets where members dress up in loin cloths doing the signature Hundred Hand Slap. Okay, given the mental picture, maybe that’s not such a good idea. But hey, Street Fighter did have a bonus stage where you’re rewarded for bitch-slapping a Lexus, so there’s that.

So, hey, Honda. Please, re-consider your EV’s name. Give us the E. Honda. We geeks deserve it.

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