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March 5, 2020

Did Foton Philippines Try to Throw Shade at the Maxus T60?

Maxus made motoring headlines today with the launch of their first-ever pickup truck—the T60. And while it carries some pretty impressive specs, including a class-equaling best water wading depth of 800mm, Foton just decided to throw some shade.

Through a social media post (see below), Foton is reminding would-be truck buyers that their Thunder is covered by a 5-year / 150,000-kilometer warranty. This equals Maxus’s own warranty figure in terms of age, but in terms of mileage, they have a 50,000-kilometer advantage.

But wait.

The thing is though, there’s a fine print attached to this bonkers warranty figure. If you can’t read what’s at the bottom, here’s what it says:
“Parts under warranty in the remaining 2 years and 50,000 kilometers are limited to transmission, engine, starter, differential, and alternator.”
In short, it does read like Foton’s offering a 3-year / 100,000-kilometer bumper-to-bumper warranty, while the remaining 2 years is limited to warranty on the powertrain.

So while the headlines read that the Foton has the longest warranty in the pickup truck class, taking the fine print into consideration and it seems the Maxus has them beat because the T60 does offer a 5-year / 100,000-kilometer bumper-to-bumper warranty.

Sadly, the story is the same when it comes to price. The Thunder is priced at P 1,003,000 for the 4x2 M/T, P 1,098,000 for the 4x2 A/T, and P 1,263,000 for the 4x4 M/T. This is compared to the Maxus’s pricing of P 948,000 for the 4x2 M/T, P 1,028,000 for the 4x2 A/T, and P 1,278,000 for the 4x4 A/T.

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