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June 3, 2019

Watch the Power of an Electric Vehicle as it Tows a Boeing 777 Aircraft

Noiseless, emissions-free but very powerful: MINI is saying its upcoming all-electric MINI Cooper SE is the future of muscle cars by doing some flamboyant: it towed a Boeing 777F freight aircraft.

A close to series prototype of MINI’s new model turned into an aircraft tug, lugging a 150-ton aircraft across an airfield.

The MINI Cooper SE will go into production at the British plant in Oxford by November 2019. It’s based off the MINI 3-door and for that, it retains its go-kart feeling, premium quality, and express design. Yet, because it uses an all-electric drivetrain, it will also achieve emissions-free driving.

A part of the BMW Group’s electrification strategy, the MINI Cooper SE will join the BMW i3 as the group’s first purely electrically-powered model within its portfolio.

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