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July 14, 2020

Is Toyota PH Launching the Refreshed Vios This Month?

Update 3: It has been launched. Get all the details here (7/25).

Update 2: Toyota Motor Philippines confirms it. (7/21).

Update 1: It has been spied (7/16).

Toyota Motor Philippines sure isn’t wasting any time. A month after their first digital unveil with the 2020 Wigo, the country’s number one automaker is at it again and this time, they’re revealing something on Saturday, July 25.

Naturally, the carmaker refused to give any detail before the actual date, but they did post this teaser on their official social media accounts 10 days before the said event (see above and below).

Now, we can rely on our sleuthing skills to try to find out what exactly Toyota’s launching on the 25th. Based on the image, it’s very clear it’s not an SUV, pickup truck, nor MPV. It’s clearly a passenger car of some kind.

Using deduction, the likely candidate is the Vios, specifically a refresh for 2020. The timing seems to gel given the latest generation Vios came into the market way back in July 2018. Either that, or it could be the Yaris. In any case, it looks this Yaris/Vios will be gaining a refreshed front clip removing the “Joker” look that wasn’t well-received by fans and pundits alike. It ties in to patent office fillings leaked in other ASEAN markets.

Oh, and given the tag line of, “Ready to Level Up?” It looks like it will gain higher equipment levels this time around. Perhaps LED headlights and a head unit with Apple CarPlay?

Of course, this is all speculative unless some sales agent posts stuff way before the official folks do. Do you think we got it right? Let us see what pops up on July 25.


  1. Vios without cruise control will not be at par with Honda City which has cruise control (at least the upper end)

  2. Nagsasaraduhan na po ang mga Honda while si Toyota nagpaparami pa lalo ng dealers. Its not about the tech, gimik, eklabut its about durability and reliability.


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