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July 16, 2020

The Apex Edition is a Reminder That the Toyota Corolla Altis Looks Good Dropped

If you want proof that the current Toyota Corolla Altis would look better dropped, here. This 2021 Corolla Apex Edition could serve as your aftermarket inspiration.

Built for the North American market, the Corolla Apex Edition is a sporty trim package for Toyota’s compact sedan. And while the exterior may look different to our Corolla, it does share the same basic platform (TNGA-C) along with the independent multi-link rear.

The Corolla Apex Edition is hunkered down thanks to unique coil springs that lower the height by 15 mm. Together with the increased spring rates, it reduces body roll producing flatter cornering and steering response. Specially tuned shocks and more rigid stabilizer bars also boosts rigidity and agility. Finally, new jounce bumpers ensure the lowered ride height doesn’t hinder ride quality. All combined Apex Edition suspension changes increase roll stiffness by 47 percent in the front and 33 percent in the rear.

At all four corners are flow-formed 18-inch aluminum wheels. These gloss black wheels offer a 1-kilogram weight reduction per wheel while also improve brake cooling. Visually completing the package is an aero kit with, get this, bronze accents.

Engine-wise, the Corolla Apex hasn’t changed much, but Toyota did install a sport-tuned exhaust unique to this model for a “punchier bark.”

Limited only to North America, the Corolla Apex Edition should at least serve as a reminder that the current Toyota compact sedan does well to being tweaked and tuned. Of course, if this look isn’t to your liking, there’s always the Gazoo Racing (GR) package.

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