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July 19, 2020

The Lexus ES and LS are the Epitome of Japanese Hospitality

In this new normal, people have come to value certain things more than they ever have. For the most discerning customers, it’s giving priority to things like safety and security. These are also the very qualities that Lexus has set out to perfect ever since its inception. This desire began with its two core vehicles: The Lexus LS flagship sedan and the Lexus ES. Both of these cutting-edge models were present at the very beginning of their brand’s heritage story, and their evolution continues. These two Lexus luxury sedans embody their unrelenting spirit and showcase our unparalleled craftsmanship.

Lexus LS 

When Lexus released the LS 400 in 1989, a single consumer complaint launched a special service campaign that earned the brand recognition as the new standard in personalized service. Not only did the LS make its mark by setting new benchmarks for comfort, powertrain performance and smoothness, quietness, build quality, attention to detail, and dependability. It also set a new benchmark for luxury that consumers expected from a premium vehicle. The bottom line is Lexus listens to its customers.

The 415 horsepower LS 500 is the flagship full-size sedan. Built on the same platform as the high-performance LC coupe, the LS features a powerful twin-turbo V6 engine paired with an exhilarating 10-speed automatic transmission and an interior assembled by Takumi master craftsmen.

Innovation is also part and parcel of the LS badge. The LS hybrid adopts a Multi-Stage Hybrid System, which was first introduced in the LC 500h. This system provides perceived acceleration that matches the actual acceleration as soon as the gas pedal is pressed. It also provides rhythmic shifting, enabling the driver to enjoy a new kind of driving performance which is unlike what is expected from traditional hybrid drivetrains.

Advanced safety features abound in the LS 500. Key among these are the Vehicle Dynamics Integrated Management (VDIM); Vehicle Stability Control (VSC); Blind Spot Monitor (BSM); a rigid body structure with front and rear crumple zones; Lexus Parking Assist System with 10 sensors and a rear view camera; Electric Power Steering (EPS); and SRS airbags for front and rear passengers (which include knee and side airbags for the front passengers, side airbags and cushion airbags for the rear passengers, and curtain airbags for front and rear occupants). Of course, pedestrian safety is paramount as well, as evidenced by the four-point pop-up hood.

Lexus ES

The ES 350 offers spaciousness and refinement with a stunning coupe-like silhouette. It boasts of fluid lines and a human-centered cabin, where every detail is carefully considered for optimal comfort, and innovative technology meets your every need on the road. It is also equipped with the new 8-speed direct-shift automatic transmission which offers smarter, sharper gear shifting.

The ES 350 pushes technological innovation as well, not just by using new tech, but using a combination of existing technologies in imaginative ways. For example, the new chassis and suspension system of the ES provides precise handling and dynamic responsiveness through Active Cornering Assist (ACA), a Lexus first, which works in tandem with Vehicle Stability Control (VSC), to provide a safe and comfortable drive.

Safety and security are also paramount in the ES. Underneath its svelte silhouette is the all-new Global Architecture (GA-K) platform which improves the strength of the cabin to help reduce deformation in the event of a crash; and a Pop-Up Hood System (similar to what is found in the LS flagship), which, in the event of a pedestrian interaction, the front hood will pop-up to reduce the impact of the pedestrians’ head to the hood.

Just like in the LS, the ES is also equipped with a Blind Spot Monitor that uses wave radar to detect vehicles present in the adjacent lane blind spots; driver and front passenger front dual-stage airbags and knee airbags. Also included are front and rear side airbags that cover all four seating positions in the vehicle. And to top it off, there are side curtain airbags that cover the front and rear seats on both sides.

At the core of Lexus are the LS 500 and ES 350, and with these models, the brand has placed its clients at the heart of their work, seeking to provide them only with the best. This is omotenashi, the concept of Japanese hospitality or visionary anticipation. It means taking care of the driver and passengers, anticipating their needs, attending to their comfort, and protecting them from hazards.

In this new normal, there is an enhanced need for safety and security. Lexus is unrelenting in the goal to deliver on that promise and more. When behind the wheel— or as a passenger— in the Lexus LS and ES, you can truly set your mind at ease.

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