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July 22, 2020

Toyota Adopts New Simplified Logo Starting in Europe

In a move that mirrors Volkswagen, BMW, and Nissan, Toyota has introduced a new brand design featuring a reworked version of the company’s brand logo and typography. The look is being rolled out in Europe; it’s currently not known whether other markets will adopt the new design.

According to Toyota, the new visual identity is driven by simplification, and has been shaped by four key principles: forward-thinking, mobile-ready, more premium feel and consistency across all business units and sub-brands.

Toyota’s new brand logo distills its emblem to a simple 2D design, losing the Toyota wordmark. The design communicates simplicity, transparency and modernity and is perfectly adapted to the digital space but equally effective in the physical world. The new logo will be applied across all communication touch points, while the current logo will still be used for the vehicles.

The new visual identity comes with a new bespoke typography, Toyota Type, multi-purposed for both on-line and off-line environments and enabling open and engaging customer relationships. It marks a step-up in digital readiness as the company expands its online retailing in Europe.

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