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December 12, 2019

The Mazda CX-5 Now Gets the Polymetal Gray Treatment

The polymetalification of Mazda has begun. Once an exclusive color to the Mazda3 Sportback, the color has now spread to the Japanese market Roadster (aka MX-5), and now even to the CX-5 compact SUV as well.

Developed to emphasize Mazda’s design that interplays light and shadow, Polymetal Gray (paint code 47C for Mazda fanatics) is supposed to expresses the “hard feeling of metal” at areas where light strikes and the “unique luster of resin” in areas where it doesn’t. It’s this ever-changing light/shadow expression is what makes it different from say, Machine Gray Metallic or Soul Red Crystal—two other special Mazda colors (interestingly, there’s no extra charge for the Polymetal Gray color).

Anyway, back to the CX-5, Polymetal Gray will now be part of the standard shades (at least for the Japanese market) as early as January 17, 2020. Why this date, you ask? Well, coinciding with the availability of Polymetal Gray, Mazda is also incorporating some running changes to their compact SUV such as improved sound insulation, LED interior lighting, and a larger Mazda Connect display (from 7 to 8 inches).

In addition, Mazda is introducing two special accessory packages too. One is called “Tough-Sport Style” which adds a front and rear under garnish, roof rails, all weather floor mats, and a luggage tray. This package sets you back 125,500 yen or about P 58,650. The other special package is called “Silk Beige Selection” which swaps the leather seats for silk-colored Gran Lux—a suede-like fabric that’s breathable and smooth to the touch. It’s capped off by LED foot lamps and IR cut glass that cuts infrared rays for a cooler interior. This package costs about 110,000 yen or P 51,500.

Admittedly, the prospects of seeing either Tough-Sport Style or Silk Beige Selection outside Japan is quite low. However, the addition of Polymetal Gray to the standard list of CX-5 colors is almost a certainty.

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