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December 27, 2019

Subaru's EyeSight Cameras Will Soon Help You See at Intersections

Hitachi Automotive Systems, the company partly responsible for Subaru’s EyeSight system says they’ve now enhanced the range of the stereoscopic camera to enable Automatic Emergency Braking (AEB) at intersections without the need for millimeter-wave radar.

The Japanese tech giant has done this by applying upgraded sensor technologies. This includes the use of a horizontal, wide-angle camera, high-definition CMOS sensors, and a processor that detects objects (including pedestrians). Moreover, they’ve also figured out a way to shift images detected by the left and right cameras.

Thanks to this development, the stereoscopic cameras will have an angle of view three times wider than the current standard enabling it to offer Automatic Emergency Braking (AEB) when turning at intersections, while still maintaining other functions such as Adaptive Cruise Control (ACC).

According to Hitachi, it provides highly accurate detection and range estimation of pedestrians and cyclists improving safety at intersections with just a minimal number of components.

It’s currently not known when Hitachi or its main client, Subaru plans to roll out this enhanced stereoscopic camera system, but for sure, once it’s been approved for road use, the Japanese automaker will waste no time in implementing it in their cars given that one of their brand pillars now is safety.

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